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Secrets Of The Witch's 

Sewing Basket #2!


"A Witch In Time Saves Nine Lives"


Needless to say, this is a one of a kind. I don't always have the same items to be able to reproduce these baskets, but I do the best I can.
It actually took about as long to put this together as it does to make one of my dolls, but I loved every minute of it.

I will be making more themed baskets, such as this one, so stay tuned to my eBay auctions!

If you have a sewing basket, chances are, there are little odds and ends and trinkets inside that you treasure.
You can look at the different items and recount the memories....perhaps an old button from a favorite article of clothing...maybe a spool of thread that is aged and and you sigh at the price on the label, considering the price of thread these days.

In my own sewing basket I still have the first measuring tape I ever owned. It's blue Vinyl, very worn, and has aided me in the making of more things than I can ever remember. I still have my first little metal hem gauge, too.
I also have my first seam ripper, another item I've used more times than I care to remember....grrrrrr.....
And I even have the first thing I ever apron. If you saw the terrible sewing job that I did on THAT was horrible!
All of these things date back to when I was in the 7th grade of school, about 33 years ago, give or take.

The same sort of memories and collections are true of The Witch's Sewing Basket. She has lots of memories and small meaningful trinkets stashed away in her mending basket.
There are several things in her basket that are there for safe keeping. There happens to be some spiteful Witches who try to send their 'familiars' to the Witch's house so as to steal some treasured belongings so they can cast spells on her.
But the the Witch who owns THIS basket is quite clever. She knows that 'familiars' will never suspect searching in her sewing basket for those precious items.

The black basket / chest itself is wonderful. It measures 9 1/2 inches across the front, 6 1/2 inches tall, and 5 inches deep. It has an ornate handle on top and a swing-latch for a closure on the front. It's black outside and inside.



And on the black velvet pin cushion under the lid section are some treasured keepsakes and charms. The Witch probably put them there for safe-keeping, or until she needs to attach them to her garments.
She even has two old buttons that were made of real bone. You can still see the center of the 'marrow' section.

As you can see, she's been mending a red and white 'ticking' sock.


The Witch also has a small Voodoo doll.


The Witch also has a special pin cushion in the shape of a hand. (I traced my own hand to make the pattern)
It's referred to as a Heart In Hand pin cushion, and it was given to her by her friend Enchanted Witch.
It has a red heart in the middle of the hand.
This pin cushion is a testament to their eternal friendship. And when it was given to her, it came with this explanation:

~Heart In Hand ~

Written By: House Shadow Drake


Heart in hand is a saying that dates back to the earliest roots of Witchcraft. It is an open saying having many meanings and encompassing many ideologies. The saying can serve as a greeting, a blessing, or a farewell. In the Great Book of one family's tradition, it is written:

`Within ourselves we find the stability of the land, the wind of our breath, the fire of our spirit, and the waters of our soul. All of this is driven by the intent of our will and the bloodforce of creation. Our hands are the tools that help bring our intent into being. Our hands should always be manifesting the intent of our hearts. For good or for not, your heart should always be fully encompassed in all that you do.'

When asked, "What is it that you have brought to bear in your hands for me?" the answer should be, "My heart." Or reversely, "Where is your heart?" the answer should be, "In my hands."


It will always be kept in her sewing basket as a reminder of their friendship and the meaning of Heart In Hand. It is rolled and tied with a piece of black raffia.

The Witch also keeps a small leather Grimoire for her notes. The name of this little hand-made leather book is called Witch Stitchery. The onion skin pages have been aged.


Another precious keepsake is the wooden Witch's shoe that has a secret compartment. And inside that secret compartment are two trinkets. (I'm not telling you what they are, you'll have to find out)

There are also the usual things one might find in a sewing basket...a measuring tape, some aged wooden spools, a few old 'button envelopes' that are held together by a rusty star, a small glass vial of mustard seeds, a string of black buttons, and even a wooden 'needle box' that has been ink stamped with black Crows.

Here's a favorite memory...the Witch's first spell....she cast a stone into a black creek after whispering her lover's name. When she found the stone again, she knew the spell had worked because the stone not only turned black, but it was in the shape of a heart.
The other stone that she cast also turned black, but the love wasn't secure. He died and the stone melted into another shape.



There are other odds and ends contained in this sewing basket....a black votive candle, an amber glass globe, a beautiful blue ceramic half-moon urn, several wooden clothespins, a re purple rabbit's foot, and some black marbles and other odds and ends that are tucked away in a small round wooden box that's labeled "Bubble, bubble toil & Trouble". There's also a small black Witch's Broom that she uses for dusting lint from her black dresses.


The Witch also has a small collection of her favorite 'supplies'. She has a small vial of Tea Leaves, a small vial that says Belladonna, and a larger bottle that says Nightshade. Each of the vials has 'spider web' lace which decorates the tops.

There's also a small black Witch's Shoe pincushion made of muslin, painted black, and aged. The 'cushion' section looks like a black spider web. The small black glass beads have been 'laced' with rusty wire.

And then we see she has her aged paper tag with one of her favorite sayings on it.
She loves cats and she loves sewing.
The old saying has it that A stitch in time saves nine....but she also thinks that A Witch in time saves nine lives, and the cats couldn't agree more!

Copyright February 5, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the pentagram pendant, ball & claw, and half-moon charms.


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