The Catt Box

Water Boys!


As if I wouldn't notice when my cats do this to me.
Both of my cats have this terrible habit. When they see my glass of water, they are drawn to it. They HAVE to put their feet into my water. Then they HAVE to drink it.
This afternoon, just before coming in here to prepare this auction, I poured myself another glass of water. Cecil jumps up onto the butcher block and starts pawing at my water. I decided this would be a good time to go get the camera and show you what he does.


As you can see, after the general 'pawing' comes the licking. Usually, I'm out of the room when all of this takes place. But when I come back, I see little hairs floating in my water, and other 'cat things'. This is when I know that one of my cats has been into my water again.
Yes, they always have fresh water.
Yes, they also drink from the toilet.
I keep this in mind when I see evidence of the cats having been in my water glass again.




Then, as I was taking pictures of Cecil, Simon has the nerve to jump up there and get in on the act.


I know this picture is a tad blurry, but Cecil was trying to distract me from noticing that he was into my water glass's his 'Oh, my GOD!.....something just appeared behind you' diversion.
As if I'm actually going to turn around and fall for THAT ploy again.


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