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Introducing: The Creepy HooDoo Spooky VooDoo Doll.


This spooky Halloween VooDoo Doll is about 16 inches tall, give or take, from the top of her flat head to the bottom of her 'aged', textured, cotton dress. And the bottom of her dress has been gathered and tied securely with black and natural Raffia.


Also, I bound the Voodoo doll's waist with rusted wire. And on her chest sets a rusty heart, and the other side of her chest there's a rusty safety pin with two REAL bone skulls.

And as you can see, her arms are made of full length Cinnamon sticks. This will keep her smelling fresh and homey.


Voodoo's hair is made of black Raffia. Her nose is made of a bamboo clip, and her mouth and eyes are made of stitching of heavy 'aged' thread.


Copyright June 16, 2010 Catt Alexander


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