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Vocabulary Words Part 5!

Here are a few more vocabulary words we use with 'the boys'.


Barn-marking and credit-carding

I know, strange words to associate with cats, but there's a reason. You know how cats like to take the sides of their face and rub them on your hand?......or most anything?
Well, every morning Simon greets me and he has to rub the sides of his face on my hands. He's much more aggressive about it in the mornings. And he'll swipe each side of his face so fast that he looks like he's swiping a credit card through one of those machines. So, I call it credit-carding.
Barn-marking is pretty much the same thing. I call it that because barn cats are different than regular house cats. Barn cats are more aggressive in the things they do. They are less refined, not as dainty. So, when Simon rubs his face on my hands in the mornings, he's real aggressive and unrefined about an ol' barn he's barn-marking and credit-carding me.



Poor Simon

He's so big that he barely fits on my slide-out drawer under my computer.
Please excuse the mess.......I work on my dolls in here and I have stuff everywhere.
Simon is like the Baby Huey of the cat world. He's huge. He's also very sweet and not nearly as masculine as Cecil. He's my baby, and I spoil him rotten.
He kinda spills over on the slide-out drawer and has to prop his back and front paw on my leg just to keep himself balanced.
He's just big-boned, bless his little heart.


Spook Slapping 

(sorry, no picture yet of Spook Slapping)

I love it when my cats do this. You know how cats get when they've come upon something that startles them and they stop in their tracks, lower their body, and elongate themselves? They'll stretch themselves out and creep up onto the object really slow.....and if they even THINK that it moved, they jump a little......they're getting spooked. But, they can't stay away, they HAVE to investigate.
As they ease closer to the 'object in question', and begin to reach their paw out and spook-slap it, I can't resist tossing something in the air and making it land right about where they're standing. It freaks them out and they pop straight up in the air. I get such a kick out of that.


Being Too Good

(sorry, no picture yet of Being Too Good)

Oh, yeah, you've seen this one before. This is what I call it when my cats are 'too good' for something being offered to them. You know how it're eating something and your cat(s) run to you in desperation, seeking out what you're eating. They are rabid in their efforts to explore the delights you hold. They will just lay down and DIE if they don't get some of what you've got. They're screaming, freaking, pawing at you......crying......
They HAVE to have it.........HAVE to.
So, you finally pinch off a bit of your food, present it to them, and then......"Nope!...uh-uh."...... and they saunter off.... 'too good' for it.
They want nothing to do with it.
They are aloof and indifferent.
Sometimes they even act offended at the NERVE you displayed in offering them something THAT ridiculous!


This is one thing that you almost HAVE to see in person to really appreciate. I met two of my wonderful doll customers last year and they got to witness this first-hand.
What can I say......Cecil is a very odd cat. He actually LIKES to be pelted with food and treats. He literally wants HIT with the things. I'm not kidding you. It's a game to he LIVES for it.
For example.....when he's being all 'too good' for food that I just offered to him, he'll sniff it, run, and stand across the room. This is my cue to pick up the food and nail him with it. I'm talking about really pelting him with it. Then, he'll eat it with incredible enthusiasm.
You wouldn't believe it. No matter what it is, if I throw it and hit him with it, he eats it and begs for more of the same.
This can be a problem in that once I start this, he wants to do this all the time, and that's not always convenient for me. He wants EVERY treat and EVERY piece of Chinese food, or Mexican food, or whatever I'm eating, to be hurled across the room and bouncing off his back.
It's true!
He loves to chase it....and when it makes bodily contact with him, he'll pop up in the air and get all cute and then eat it. (shaking my head)
He also enjoys it when I snap rubber bands in his direction. He likes to chase them and jump up over them.
I'm telling you, I've never seen a cat anything like Cecil.


Simon is nothing like this. He's deeply offended by food, nearly all food....yet look how big he is. Simon is the polar opposite of Cecil in every way.

For the love of GOD....WHY??

Sucking down the work-beans

I've shown this picture before, but now I can tell you the story behind it.
When I make dinner, I always make just enough food for supper that night, and also enough for Les to take to work the next day for lunch. There are many times we just load up our plates in the kitchen and then come into the computer room to eat and watch TV.
After getting our portions, and while we're busy eating, if we don't watch him, Cecil will creep back into the kitchen, jump up on the stove, and suck all the water out of the pan of beans or peas, or any other vegetable, and then he'll start eating the vegetables. I've never seen a cat that likes vegetables as much as Cecil.
The bad thing is, those are Les' vegetables for his lunch the next day...his 'work beans'......but Les doesn't want them when they've had cat lick all over them.
So, in this picture, Cecil sucked the water out of the pan of 'work beans' and we had to throw them away.
Then he finished eating them from the garbage bag
. (rolling my eyes)

The Heavenly Cat Choir

The boys try ice-skating!


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