The Catt Box

Vocabulary Words Part 4!


The Technicolor Yawn

This is what we call cat puke. Aren't you glad I don't have a picture of this?


He's cresting....he's cresting! 

This is what we call it when Cecil is peeking out from anything or only see that one eye as he stares at you. And if you move out of his sight and peek back at him, you see more and more of his face as he's trying to find you with his eyes. (also known as Bat Cattin')


The Plastic Door Has Come Down

This is Cecil on the other side of his pet door. The solid plastic door was not put into place, at this particular time, and we were about to play a game of shark attack from the pet door.
Each pet door, when purchased, comes with a little solid plastic door for keeping pets confined in an area.
So, if you didn't want your pet to be able to come in and out of somewhere, you have the option of sliding the solid plastic down into place.
Sometimes, when the cats (mostly Cecil) needs a time out, we will put the cat(s) in the basement and put the solid plastic door down so they can stay down there for a while.
It's in that way that The Plastic Door Has Come Down. It is common language in this house that if the plastic door had to come down, something was being punished.
We used to have a neighbor by the name of Drunk Robert. He was belligerent and annoying and The Plastic Door Had Come Down on him, too.


Cat Prison

Our cats never go outside. They are inside kitties. We do this for their own good.
Recently, a young solid black kitty has been coming around. She has found her way to the French door in the living room and the boys will look at her through the glass panes of the door. She stares at them, too. They act like they are being visited through the big glass window in Cat Prison.
As you can see, we took her picture one night.
The young solid black kitty is in heat.
My boys are neutered.
Everyone is confused.


Marking Yellows

Whenever you see a cat rubbing the side of his face and body along anything, they aren't 'petting themselves', they are actually marking their territory.......leaving behind their scent. They'll do this type of marking on you, your furniture, the lower section of doorways, anywhere.
What they are leaving behind, when doing this, is an oil. Cats can mark their territory in a variety of ways, as cat-folks know.
Simon (Va-Vee) is mostly white, with some black patches. When he comes into our bathroom, you can see his marking areas on his fur because the bathroom is whiter than he is.
Those areas look like a very pale yellow tinting on his fur......thus, his Marking Yellows. You can see them on his forehead, the sides of his face, and a few other areas. But I can't see them when we're in other rooms, only in the bathroom because, like I said, the bathroom is whiter than he is, so they show up better.


Dead Cat...Dead Cat

Sometimes, when coming through a room, I'll see Cecil laid out, sleeping.
I'll creep up to him and proclaim, "Dead cat....dead cat."


Cecil will barely look up at me, enough to let me know that he is, indeed, not dead.


Then he'll lay back down.
His work is done here.



Bag Licker

Simon loves licking plastic. I actually leave sheets of bubble wrap where he can have his way with it. He will sit and lick bags, or other plastic things, to death. He enjoys the simple things in life.
Cecil thinks he's an idiot.


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