The Catt Box

Vocabulary Words Part 3!



This is what we call it when the cats are hiding behind something and you can only see them from the eyes up. Their ears look like bat ears and they are very still..... they are watching and 'taking it all in'.
Police cars do the same thing. They lay in wait........watching.......Bat-Cattin'.



This is what we call the area in which a cat has been neutered.
Cecil was neutered on January 29, 1999 and we took a picture of his Used-To-Be's. know, where THEY used to be.

Heat Ho'. Cecil is a Heat Ho (heat whore). I have a little white electric space heater next to my computer. And every time I turn it on, Cecil jumps right in front of it and hogs up all the heat. So, he's' a Heat Ho.
Simon, on the other hand, is terrified of the White Heat Monster and won't come near it.



It all started years ago. I bought some cat toys and the name of the toys were Bat-A-Bird. Whenever we'd play with Cecil and toss that toy in the air, we'd tell him, "Bat-A-Bird......Bat-A-Bird, Cecil."
After that, it was easy to point to Miller Moths and flies and even at the birds outside, and tell Cecil, "Bat-A-Bird......Bat-A-Bird, Cecil."
My cats are so used to me and my ex-husband calling things Bat-A-Bird that even now, if we say those words, they both look up to the ceiling fan or rush to the windows to see the Bat-A-Bird.
And we only say those words when there really is a Bat-A-Bird to be seen. They respond every time!


Red Bowls

(sorry, no picture of red bowls yet)

Our cats get The Red Bowls when their red food dish is getting low on food. If our cats can see any speck of the bottom of their food dish, they freak. So, in our house, saying, "The cats have The Red Bowls" means that it's time to fill the bowl up.


Blanket Snakes

Both of our cats LOVE to be under the blankets on the bed. Very often I'll walk past the bedrooms and see where the cats have been 'snaking' their way under the blankets, and they'll leave behind 'snake tunnels'......evidence of their being under the blankets. The blankets will stay in the same shape as when the cats were making their way under the blankets.
They are Blanket Snakes.


Didn't Finish

This is what we say about Simon......he didn't finish. He doesn't seem to like the things most cats like, he doesn't react to things the way most cats react. He doesn't respond to things the way most cats normally respond to them.
There's nothing really wrong with him, I just say he didn't finish.
He didn't finish getting all his 'cat smarts' and normal 'cat things' together.
I often tell Simon, when Cecil isn't in the room, that we love HIM the most, and that we're keeping him on account he didn't finish, and that he'd never make it on his own.
He'll slow blink at me and purr. He knows he's loved.

My brother in law didn't finish, either.


More Goofy Pictures!


At Christmas time, the boys discovered Santa Flaws, the evil Santa.


Later that same night, the good Santa, Santa Claws, came to make a visit and the boys, including their sleep-over guest, watched her in amazement.

Well, it's time to feed my treat-seeking missiles.


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