The Catt Box

Vocabulary Words Part 2!



The Steps Of Depression

This is what we call it when Simon sits on that one step that leads to the kitchen, from the computer room. He always looks so depressed when he sits there. It's his somber nature. He just likes to go off and sit there and think.


The Swelling Station

This is what we call their water container. Simon has this strange habit of dragging things to the water dish and soaking them in the water, especially paper products.
Once in a while we'll find one of their furry mice soaking in the water.
Simon especially likes it in the mornings when I take a tea bag wrapper, crumple it up, and toss it in the air. He'll bat it all over the house.
I drink a cup of Blueberry Tea, which doesn't have a tea bag wrapper, and I also drink a cup of regular Lipton's Tea.......which DOES have a wrapper. Simon waits anxiously for me to make a game of it.
But, if I don't find it and throw it away, it'll end up in The Swelling Station.



Sometimes, when Cecil is playing with people's feet, he'll let out a totally different sound than any other time. He sounds like one of those old fashioned baby dolls that would 'cry' when you tilted it. It's just a really funny sound. This is the only time Cecil makes this weird sound, when he's playing with feet.
That's why we call it Baby-Dolling, or he's doing Baby Dolls.
Cecil totally has a foot-fetish, I kid you not.....he LOVES feet.


Activating The Stink Bug

Down here in South Carolina, we have these strange gray, hard-back bugs that are called Stink Bugs. Cecil will eat, or at least play with, every bug known to man, except the dreaded Stink Bug.
And he doesn't seem to be able to identify them 'on sight'. He always finds out what they are the hard way.
Simon does the same thing.
They'll go up to a Stink Bug, sniff it, which activates it, and then they'll become deeply offended and leave the room.
They will not get near a Stink Bug once it's been activated.
Obviously, Stink Bugs are activated by being touched.
Personally, I think they smell like Almonds.

Cream Of Feet. Cecil loves Cream Of Wheat and eats it every time I cook it.
I have to put a small amount on a plate and set it on the floor. He'll sit beside the plate until it's cool enough to eat. Then he'll take his front paws and scoop it up and eat it with his feet. Cream Of Feet.
I wish I had a picture of it, but I don't. Maybe one day.



Yes, we bought the cats their own little lounge chair. They love it.
They are sooooooo spoiled.
See Cecil's dirty heels? He gets like that from being in the basement, exploring.


Look at Cecil, messing with Scrooge....pretending to be a Ghost From Cats Past


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