The Catt Box

Vocabulary Words Part 1!



Today I'm going to share some vocabulary words with you. We have our own little words we use to describe things, concerning our cats.



You can see what I'm talking about just by looking at this picture.


The Dumping Grounds

This is where the litter box is, in the basement. They go through the pet door in the kitchen, and it takes them downstairs to The Dumping Grounds!



This is what we call it when the cat's hair stands on end on their back and tail. They are opened.



This is what we call it when the cats are laying flat out on their back. They are flayed. Or, they can be semi-flayed, but in most cases, they are in a full flay.



That's what we call our cats......they are Treat-Ho's. This is what Cecil looks like when he's wanting a treat.


And this is what Cecil looks like when we say NO.



This is when Cecil or Simon sit at the window, or a door, and they watch Chipmunks or birds or squirrels. They have that 'Oh, my GOD!' look all over their face. So, they sit and watch the OH My GOD's.


See the chin area of Cecil?.......see how it's all stiff and straight as a board? We call that his 'boards'. And while he eats his treats, he shovels them up into his 'boards'. He's 'shovel-boarding'. When Simon eats, or we watch him lick his mouth, his 'boards' look a little 'off' they aren't lined up as nice and straight as Cecil's boards.
Simon is just about a half a bubble off plumb.

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