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'Las Vegas And Getting Re-Married!'


What a city!! Even though we were arriving in the day time, it was still  exciting just to be here. This place was definitely a highlight of our entire trip....I mean...what compares to Vegas, huh? The Grand Canyon is wonderful in it's own right....but Vegas....Vegas!

We took our camper to the Las Vegas KOA...checked it in, and left it in the campground.

The first thing we wanted to do was find a chapel and re-new our marriage vows. We had researched several places on the internet. We wanted to do it in a drive thru window....So, we went down town and looked for one. The sights blew our minds and we just couldn't wait till night time to see those fantastic lights. 

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I was dressed and ready to go get married. I wore white clothes, and an animal print bra and tacky is that?? No one could see the was our little secret.

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We drove around until we found where we wanted to go...A Special Memory Wedding Chapel. They had a drive-thru window and we pulled up and read the 'menu' of ways we could get married. The drive-thru was $25 with a mandatory $25 gratuity. we rang the buzzer and set it up...while sitting in the van. We never left our seats. Well, it's less tacky than getting a virtual wedding on the internet.

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After filling out the paperwork we were greeted by the Rev. Wilbur J. Wilson. He set a little speaker at the window and played music while 'marrying' was too cute. He was so serious, and I was in a comical mood...hissing at Les and making him laugh. The man did a great job re-doing our vows. Then he gave us a newlywed kit, full of household product samples, and some candy kisses. After a few pictures we were off to go to a casino. I had never played a slot machine in my life...and this was to be my first time. At least I had a first time for something after just getting married!!

After driving around a few minutes we knew where we wanted to the one that looks like Egypt...we had seen it on TV....on the internet, and now we wanted that to be the casino we visited. That place is called the Luxor. It was absolutely amazing. And let me tell you, though our camper was back at the Las Vegas KOA, if we wanted to have brought it along with us, there would have been parking enough for it. This place goes out of it's way to make you happy and to make things convenient. And, we never had to pay for parking the entire time we were here. 

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These two pictures are postcards.

We went to the wonderful Luxor and we were in awe of it. This hotel / casino has 4,427 rooms in it. We went right to the window where you get the change and each of us got $10.00 in nickels, being the big spenders that we are. We went to the slot machines. I was soooo green. Les had to help me get started. 

I am here to tell you that I do not have the 'gambling gene' at all....never was my cup-o-tea'....but, I put the nickels in the slots, pretty much just to get rid of them. I won a few times...nothing to write home about. Les was winning bigger than I was. Pretty soon I was out of nickels, which was fine with me...and I stood beside Les and watched him. He kept trying to give me more nickels to play, but I was over it. Not interested. He finally hit it for 450 nickels. So, we not only won back our money, but we beat the house out of $7.45...can you believe it? We felt so Les has the 'gambling gene'.

After riding around a little more we went back to the camper to rest up and also to do some laundry. We were just killing time until the evening hours when we could see Vegas by night. 

Night-time finally came and we were headed down-town....OMG!!! What a place....we were like kids in 'Candy Land'....the lights were awesome. All we wanted to do was drive up and down the strip. At night is when the casinos really put on a great show at their entrances. We were praying for traffic, just so we had more time to look at each thing. 

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The above pictures are postcards.

The pictures below are the ones we took with our camera. And you should have seen how I was hanging out of the van window taking these pictures while Les was driving.

vegas_at_night_1.jpg (18028 bytes) vegas_at_night_2_balloon.jpg (17167 bytes) vegas_at_night_3.jpg (10621 bytes) vegas_at_night_4.jpg (16240 bytes)  

vegas_at_night_5.jpg (15995 bytes) vegas_at_night_6.jpg (12560 bytes) 

I know that the above two pictures are out of focus, but after all, a 'volcano' was exploding....I did the best I could. We took many more pictures than what I am showing on my site....but this does give you an idea of some of the things we saw.  

vegas_at_night_9.jpg (15024 bytes) 

Just look at how the Luxor looks at night (above)....a huge beam of light shoots out at the top of the pyramid and shines all the way into the sky. Also, little lights shine up the corners of the pyramid.

vegas_at_night_7.jpg (15947 bytes) vegas_at_night_8.jpg (32628 bytes) 

The New York New York Casino, shown above, is one casino....just look how huge it is...amazing. There are many, many casinos in Vegas to choose from. I wish we could have visited more of them, but we just didn't have the time.

We woke up at around 6:30 the next morning and headed to California.



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