The Catt Box

'Various Pets'


You just wouldn't believe the variety of animals....but here are a few. I had worked for a local animal shelter for two years, and a veterinarian for six years. I handled a lot of wildlife only because I had Rabies Pre-exposure shots. This page only gives a small sample of the pets we've had. 

As we would receive baby wildlife, we would keep them until they were able to be released into the wild. The skunk was a lot of along fine with other animals....and she never sprayed us. We never had the 'special surgery' on her because she would need those defenses when released back into the wild.  

We also had a Raccoon that really did sleep in the bed with the foot of the bed....under the covers. A rule in the house was to be litter trained....and they were. Poor ol' you think he ever saw all of this coming when he married me???


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Mitten, Not-Mitten, And Biscuit   

I have to  start somewhere and I guess that I should start with the first cat Les and I had together. We had been married for four months and he surprised me with a little black mitten-toed kitty...Mitten. A little over a year later we moved down south and we ended up with another black kitty...Not-Mitten. Okay, we weren't in the mood to come up with a name...and she looked exactly like Mitten, but she wasn't she became Not-mitten. Not long after that I began work at a local animal shelter and adopted my first shelter kitten...Biscuit. She was the first in a string of cats and kittens I'd be adopting.

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The Rodent, Batman, And Max

I brought home a lot of kitties, trying to save all the strays that I could. We all go through that when we first start working at a shelter. So many of them steal your heart. But you do reach a point where you have to be practical and realize that you can't save them all. You have to make sure you can feed the ones you have, provide good vet care, and get them spayed and neutered. And some kitties were with me on a temporary basis...till I could find them a home.

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Of course, it helps when you work for a vet and get good price reductions. As a matter of fact,  I got some more film, and I took a picture of my 'trophies'. (pictured below) I was able to neuter two male cats by myself. I am so proud! They are displayed, to this day, in my living room. I've often been called by my friends, the 'testicle police'. 

The vet watched me, step by step, and I had seen surgeries a gazillion times, so I wanted to do it myself. And these were my own male cats. I would never have done surgery on anyone's cats but my own. And I never attempted to do a spay...that was way too involved for me. I never considered it. But I had no problems neutering a male!

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The Trophies

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Noffles And Sammy

We got Sammy from another person, not a shelter kitty. He was one of the best cats Les and I ever had, until Cecil, of course. But we only had him for six months. When he was given to me he had Feline Leukemia. He died and it devastated us. All of these pictures were from a long time ago and in other homes we lived in. I still think of Sammy and how lively he was. Cecil has been the closest thing to Sammy that we've seen. Harley was another cat from the shelter. He was a real sweetie.

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Spec, Respec, And The Killer Lunch-Box

Okay, you may have some mixed emotions with this's alright...we've all been there. I had a little black kitten named Spec. Then, some friends of ours gave us a stray kitten they found in some bushes. It was even smaller, so we named it Re-spec. You know how I am by now. 

Little Re-spec had potty problems...couldn't go. You can tell in the photo how 'full' he looked. Anyway, one morning Les was going to was about 5:30 in the morning and I could hear Re-spec meowing at him. Then I heard a quick meow and then silence. 

It took Les forever to come around the corner to the bedroom, look me in the eye and tell me he just accidentally killed my kitten with his lunch-box. 

Now, look at that lunch-box...and I filled it up, too. I felt like I was married to Fred Flintstone. He was backing out of the doorway with the door in one hand, and his huge lunch-box in the other and it slipped out of his hand and landed on the kitten. How horrible! I don't cry easily at all, but that really upset me. I felt so bad. 

I called a few friends of mine and even the most avid animal lover couldn't help but to snicker as I re-told my tale of horror. They were saddened by the tragedy, but the humor of Les' killer lunch-box had them rolling on the floor laughing. After we had gotten back the roll of film we noticed that Spec was standing right beside the killer lunch-box. This was not the kitty who lost it's life to my husband's food. Needless to say, we got a different lunch-box. Sorry...but it was a tale that had to be told.

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I also have a lot of farm animal photos, but if you've seen one pig and cow.....of course, it's not like that with cats and monkeys!

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If I find or gather some more pictures of animals we've raised, I'll be sure and post them here to share with you. 





Thank you, Lady J, for the privilege of 

adopting Miss Midnight!