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Primitive Gothic Valentine's Day Card



These cards were SO much fun to make. This is my first time making the Gothic Valentine's Day Cards. I had a little vision in my mind's eye of how I wanted them to look, but I was pleasantly surprised at the finished project. And they are heavy, considering they are cards. They have a very good quality feel to them and I'm sure you'll be pleased.



Each card comes with a 'merchandise bag' envelope which has been hand-stamped by me. I do have some cards that have 8 inch skeletons stitched on the front of the card, so the envelope is different, but stamped the same. And just look at the new rubber stamping of my signature doll. I'm so proud of that stamp. 

And, as usual, the backs of my cards are stamped with all my information and messages.


The outside of the front of the card has a black rose, wording and messages, and all the embellishments are hand-stitched into place. This particular card has fake barbed wire stitched on the card


The top part of the inside of the card has a dark, brooding poem.


The lower part of the inside of the card has an area for your own personal message like:


I'm just kidding! 
I couldn't be more serious! 
I'm so glad we're broken up! 
I'm so glad I divorced you! 
I love you! 
Aren't you sorry you cheated and lied to me? 
I'm sleeping with your brother! 
I'm sleeping with your sister!  
Or anything you want. 

The insides of the cards looks like this, opened out. Each card is different and varies, but this is the gist of what you can expect. This is not for this particular card.



This is the perfect card for someone with a great sense of humor. Every card is different in it's own way. 


I'll be selling these cards one at a time. 

Seriously, if you need a 'set', you're either a cheater, or you have too many enemies! 
Just kidding...hehehe


Copyright  January 13, 2010  Catt Alexander

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