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'Useful Links'    


I would like this page to include important and useful links for building websites and for locating other things of interest.


Misc. Useful And Fun Links

Awful Plastic Surgery

Movie Mistakes (this is a fun site to find movie bloopers and mistakes)

A FREE sample Site

Free Wal-Mart Samples

Free People Search

Another FREE People Search (hassle-free totally free samples)

Infomercial Scams (which products are horrible?)

Rotten Neighbors (to report bad neighbors)

Tech Support Guy (for free computer help)

Flip My Text (fun with typing upside down)

Alt Code Chart

Searching For People

Crime Library

The Cast of Celebrities

How To Discover A Hoax (how to prove if something is a rumor, the truth, or urban legend)

Find Classmates

Practice Good Netiquette

Recipe Goldmine

Currency Converter


The Almanac Online


For Website Building




Special Effects - upon page enter

Dynamic Drive Scripts

The Free Site

1001 Freefonts

Tutorial For HTML