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From time to time I feature my two cats Cecil & Simon in my auctions, especially in a little section called Catt Nips. I've been working on a special section for all of the Catt Nips I've used in my auctions. 


  They are now ready to view!  

The Dolls Below are available for sale!   

I don't usually take special orders because I simply don't have the time. But let me know what you're interested in and I'll let you know if I can do it or not. 


Please refresh page with each visit in order to see the updates! 



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Be sure to visit ALL the dolls on this page. There are lots to see!

These are the items for sale!


 More coming soon! Stay tuned.



bestfriendsone1.jpg (33711 bytes) Best Friend Primitive Americana Dolls For Sale!



2010witchshoestwo2.jpg (29700 bytes) Witch Shoes Pincushions For Sale!


2010laramieone1.jpg (24896 bytes) Laramie Cat Shelf Sitter For Sale!


brownfacelessone3.jpg (27422 bytes) Brown Faceless Silent Church Doll For Sale!  


rabbitcatvest5.jpg (24451 bytes) Large Halloween Rabbit in Vest For Sale!     



2010truebloodone15.jpg (28730 bytes) Fan Art True Blood Greeting Cards For Sale!

Hurry! Only three sets available!


truebloodsingleone3.jpg (29565 bytes) Fan Art True Blood SINGLE Card One For Sale!


truebloodsingletwo3.jpg (31716 bytes) Fan Art True Blood SINGLE Card Two For Sale!



2010glossymammy1.jpg (22609 bytes) Glossy Mammy Doll For Sale!


Small Franken-Witch Doll  For Sale!


Primitive Heart In Hand For Sale!


Small Franken-Goth Doll For Sale!  


Black Faceless Americana Doll For Sale!



Shelf Sitter Dolls For Sale! 


Pair of Small Cat Shelf Sitters #2  For Sale!



Larger Dolls For Sale!



The Gothic Ballerina - BethDeath For Sale!    



Franken Goth For Sale!


Gothic Shirley Temple For Sale!


The dolls that are listed below are not for sale! 

These dolls are already gone and I do not take special requests to repeat them. I've been burned too many times.

Don't judge me by some of the dolls I make!

Stay tuned, I'll continue to add new doll pages as I work on this section of my website! I have placed them into categories in the list below.


 A List Of Some Of My Dolls and More 'Detailed' Dolls

The following dolls are NOT for sale


The Gypsy Witch Fortune Teller 


Gypsy Witch Fortune Teller #2


voodoomotherq1.jpg (352836 bytes) Voodoo Queen Doll


voodoomotherqtwo2.jpg (32088 bytes) Voodoo Queen #2  


The Street Peddler


esmerHELLdathree6.jpg (21413 bytes) EsmerHELLda Grimalkin Witch 


devildollone3.jpg (23342 bytes) Red Devil Doll


2010blkwitchcatone5.jpg (30255 bytes) Black Witch Cat Raffia Broom Tail


2010flatheadetsy2.jpg (42793 bytes) Skinny Head Voodoo Doll  


Witch Shoes Pincushion w/ Mouse


witchbootone2.jpg (24217 bytes) Single Witch Boot  


2010crowsitters2.jpg (42187 bytes) Pair Crow Shelf Sitters  


Gothic Baby - Raven Cinders 


2010skullshorthairtwo1.jpg (44374 bytes) Plaster Skull Head Four  


witchhatone1.jpg (35374 bytes) Witch Hat Ornie / Shelf Sitter  


plasterskulldollthree1.jpg (15173 bytes) Plaster Skull Head Three   


witchtinyshoesetone1.jpg (36844 bytes) Small Witch Shoe Grouping     


2010skullshorterhair3.jpg (32553 bytes) Plaster Skull Head Six     


2010skullhat4.jpg (33614 bytes) Plaster Skull Head Five    


2010skullcolorface1.jpg (38906 bytes) Plaster Skull Head Two  


gagglecats1.jpg (20333 bytes) Miscellaneous Dolls  


Pair of Small Cat Shelf Sitters


blkfacelessone1.jpg (32023 bytes) Black Faceless Silent Church Doll  


Large Red Franken-Ballerina


2008pinkballerina1.jpg (295291 bytes) Large Pink Christina Ballerina 


coffincushionone1.jpg (23289 bytes) Black Coffin Pincushion  


2008heartinhandone1.jpg (29535 bytes) Heart In Hand Make-Do!  


voodoocushionone1.jpg (22670 bytes) VooDoo Doll Pincushion


Black Faceless Americana Doll #2


cintailcattrio2.jpg (22724 bytes) Trio of Cat Shelf Sitters with Tails


2010skinnyheadetsy5.jpg (39894 bytes) Flat Head Voodoo Doll  


Small Franken-Santa Doll  


Night Bear - Gothic Teddy Bear  


frankenmammyben1a.jpg (22023 bytes) Franken-Mammy


Gothic Raggedy Ann  


Elated Kate - Liberated Catt Doll 


Dead Bride Loralie  


Black Gothic Cat Shelf Sitter  


har_1.jpg (11319 bytes) Evil Cursed Jester 


2008lovespellcoffinone1.jpg (11658 bytes) Witch's Easy Love Spell Coffin


2008witchboxone1.jpg (10350 bytes) Witch's Secret Sewing Book-Box


Black Lamb Shelf Sitter  


2008frankenwitchone1.jpg (34021 bytes) Halloween Franken-Witch


The Evil Clown


skeletalwitchone1.jpg (17487 bytes) Skeletal Halloween Witch  


2010skeletalwitch1.jpg (35179 bytes) Skeletal Witch of 2010


skinnyheadvoodoo1.jpg (12433 bytes) HooDoo Spooky VooDoo Doll


blackhearthandone1.jpg (35140 bytes) Black Witch Heart In Hand  


2010triocatshallowone1.jpg (33173 bytes) Cat Shelf Sitter Halloween Trio  


plastercattsone7.jpg (25885 bytes) Plaster Cat Head - Flirty  


plastercattsone11.jpg (26298 bytes) Plaster Cat Head - Ornery   


plastercattsone13.jpg (29620 bytes)  Plaster Cat Head - Orange


plastercattsone17.jpg (31476 bytes)  Plaster Cat Head - Happy  


fleshhearthandone1.jpg (27587 bytes) Witch Heart In Hand


Silent Faceless Church Dolls


Small Black Lamb Angel  


Plain Faceless Tea Stain Doll


bonyballerinapink1.jpg (18663 bytes) Skeletal Pink Ballerina


bonyballerinared1.jpg (19992 bytes) Skeletal Red Ballerina


bonyballerinapurple1.jpg (24939 bytes) Skeletal Purple Ballerina  


whitefaceclownone.jpg (11227 bytes)  White Face Evil Clown


whitefaceclownthree1.jpg (9953 bytes) White Face Clown 3


whitefaceclowntwo1.jpg (18088 bytes) White Face Evil Clown 2  


whitefaceclownfour1.jpg (13314 bytes) White Face Clown 4


2008monsterclownone1.jpg (12671 bytes) Evil Monster Clown One 


2008monsterclowntwo1.jpg (14227 bytes) Evil Monster Clown Two 


2008monsterclownthree1.jpg (14164 bytes) Evil Monster Clown Three 


Politically Correct Santa


Evil Bony Clown #1


evilclownfive1.jpg (15024 bytes) Evil Black & Red Bony Clown


Evil Bony Clown #2


Evil Bony Clown #3


redhairclown1.jpg (16479 bytes) Evil Red & Yellow Hair Clown


Bony Pumpkin Head #1


2008bonywhitepumpkin1.jpg (9540 bytes) Bony White Pumpkin Head


Bony Pumpkin Head #2


Skeletal Red Pumpkin Head 


Skeleton Pumpkin Head  


Skeleton Pumpkin Head #2  


2008retrocatone1.jpg (38006 bytes) Retro Face Halloween Cat


Little Gothic Corn Girl  


Black Lamb Pull Toy Shelf Sitter  


rabbitmoonvest5.jpg (27768 bytes) Large Halloween Rabbit in Vest   


whitelambpulltoyblue1.JPG (20198 bytes) White Lamb Pull Toy


whitelambpulltoyred1.JPG (12166 bytes) White Lamb Pull Toy Red


 halloweenornies1.JPG (19325 bytes) Halloween Ornament Grouping


White Hair Small Ticking Baby


Faceless Tea Stain Angel


Small Devil Doll  



Ugly Ticking Baby  


smalldeadbrideone1.jpg (17481 bytes) Small Dead Bride Doll  


flatheadvoodoo1.jpg (22090 bytes) HooDoo Spooky VooDoo Doll


2008frankenhareone1.jpg (15868 bytes) Skinny Rabbit Franken-Hare  


2008frankenharethree1.jpg (16404 bytes) Skinny Rabbit Franken-Hare  


2008frankenharetwo1.jpg (16037 bytes) Skinny Rabbit Franken-Hare  


2008laramie1.jpg (320120 bytes) Primitive Cat Shelf Sitter - Laramie 


2008tripletallcatsone1.jpg (21972 bytes) Trio of Cat Shelf Sitters


Bony Cat Doll #1


The CopyCatt


Mary Gothins ~ The Gothic Mary Poppins


The Superstitious Mammy


The Voodoo Queen


Voodoo Queen - Mother Brigitte #2


Devil Raggedy Anne From Hell 


Evil Satan Claws


Evil Omen The Snowman


Redneck Christmas Dad


Clicky Ray Scruggs


Slimpy Grant Scruggs


Avery Cornell 'Gator' Scruggs


Sam 'Bones' Alowishus Ulyssable


Little Bo Creep


Raven Cinders - Gothic Toddler


The Pirate


The Wizard


The 1960's Peacemaker Male Hippie


Mazy Jo The 1960's Hippie Girl


Goth Mock Monkey


Raggedy Ann Killer


Raggedy Ann Killer


Goth Girl - InkuBeth


Devastated Kate  


Gothic Dorothy Of The Land Of Odd


bernicelamb1.jpg (33070 bytes) Silence Of The Lamps


angelofdogs2.jpg (22253 bytes) Angel Of Dogs


Witch Shoes With Vermin Surprise!  


Goth Witch Surprise Shoes


Misfit Doll Grouping


The Dead Bride Loralie


The Gothic Wizard Of Darkness


Allison Gothland


The Dead Black Widow   


The Gothic Mummy




Malice In Wonderland


Victorian Ice-Skater


Gothic Ice Skater


Goth Raggedy Ann


  Raggedy Hell Devil Doll  


Goth CinderHella


Franken Ballerina


Christina Ballerina 


Charon - The Ferryman Of The River Styx


The Witch Doctor


The Crow Crone Witch Of The Woods 


gypsywitchboxtwo16.jpg (22520 bytes) The Gypsy Witch Box of Secrets


gypsywitchboxone13.jpg (24882 bytes) The Gypsy Witch Box of Secrets


Secret Box Of The Gypsy Witch


Secrets Of The Gypsy Witch Basket


Witch's Sewing Basket 1


Witch's Sewing Basket 2


Rosemary's Baby's Keepsake Basket



Desdemona - Angel Of Hell


Hell's Garden Fairy


The Grim Reaper



Cat Theme Dolls


The Cat Collector  


2010piratecatone1.jpg (36618 bytes) Pirate One Eye Cat Shelf Sitter  


catcollectorone1.jpg (24445 bytes) The Cat Collector


2008laramie1.jpg (320120 bytes) Primitive Cat Shelf Sitter - Laramie


Angel Of Cats  


Black Cat Shelf Sitter - Laramie  


2010tickingkitty1.jpg (35903 bytes) Cat Shelf Sitter Ticking Fabric  


Feral Flynn Pirate Cat  


Trio Of Shelf Sitter Cats


Goth Black Cat Shelf-Sitter


Damon Drim Black Cat From Hell




Grimalkin Witch Cat


The Devil's AdvoCAT


Black Cat Shelf Sitter


ElizaDeath Grim Reaper For Cats!


Black Catmas Goth Stocking


 Vlad DracuCat


Scrooge - The Cat Hater


EsmerHELLda Witch Crone


Grimalkin Cat Crone Witch - EsmerHELLda #2


~ The Other Items ~


Red Hair Small Ticking Baby  


smalldeadbrideone1.jpg (17481 bytes) Small Dead Bride Doll


Small Franken-Cat Ballerina Doll  


Small Franken-Ballerina  


Small Franken-Kizzie Doll  


White Lamb with Black Sleigh  


Black Lamb with Red Sled  


Black Christmas Catmas Doll #1


Black Christmas Catmas Doll #2  


White Christmas Lamb Shelf Sitter  


White Christmas Lamb Doll  


White Christmas Lamb Doll  


  Greeting Cards


2010valentinesone3.jpg (28469 bytes) Valentine's Day Card One Not for sale!


2010valentinesone9.jpg (31421 bytes) Valentine's Day Card Two Not for sale


2010valentinesone12.jpg (35030 bytes) Valentine's Day Card Three Not for sale


2010valentinesone15.jpg (31325 bytes) Valentine's Day Card Four Not for sale 


2009gothicxmas10.jpg (31885 bytes) Gothic Christmas Cards for 2009 Not for sale 


2010valentinestwo1.jpg (27184 bytes) Valentine's Day Card Five Not for sale!


valentinesingletwo2.jpg (24304 bytes) Skeleton Valentines Greeting Card Not for sale!


valentinesingleone3.jpg (29354 bytes) Black Rose Valentines Greeting Card Not for sale!



 ~ The Controversial Dolls ~

(remember, my dolls are not for everyone)


The Nick-A-Penny Fambly


I make ugly dolls and sell them exclusively on eBay and here on my website. Each doll I make and list for auction comes with a story and lots of pictures to see. 

Some of my dolls are spooky, some are Goth, some are primitive, and some are comical.

I'll be working on this index of some of my favorite dolls that I've made through the years. Each link will take you to doll page with the story and pictures of that particular doll. It will also give you an idea as to the variety of dolls I have made. 

There'll be some dolls I won't include because of the 'self appointed politically correct police'.....I'm sure we all know 'those types'. 


Links To Other Great Artists & Places!


A very special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the fantastic pendants and charms that I use with a lot of my dolls. 



My dolls are not for everyone, they are my art. If you are offended, I suggest you hit the back button. It will not do you any good to write me 'hate mail'. 

In spite of the dolls I create and the stories I write, I do not use recreational drugs, I don't smoke cigarettes, and I don't even drink alcoholic beverages.. I out-grew a lot of things a long time ago.


All of my dolls, pictures, stories, and poems are protected by copyright.