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True Blood Handmade 'Fan Art'  Greeting Card!




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Front of paper bag 'envelope'. Each card has a paper bag envelope.



This is the back of the envelope.


The back of each card I make has these personal touches.


From "HallDark Cards from The Catt"'s a single Handmade Greeting Card in the theme of True Blood!

These are VERY detailed, well made cards.

They are also listed elsewhere. Most of my things are somewhere else, not here. But I have been adding a few new things here on my website. It's just that I get more exposure elsewhere.

I LOVE the series True Blood on HBO. My boyfriend and I are HUGE fans. 

I spent several weeks making these handmade cards. They would be perfect to give to friends and other fans of True Blood as all occasion cards, birthday cards, etc.

They would also make great invitations to the season finale.

Each card is heavy, made of heavy cardstock, stained and 'aged', and decorated with lots of our favorite characters, as well as some of their quotes. There's a million things and ways I could have gone...lots of pictures, lots of characters, lots of quotes, but I can only fit just so many on these cards. 


There's a charm that's been hand-stitched of a pair of Vampire teeth, as well as a small metal cross. There's also a metal charm hanging from black ballchain that reads 'Vampire Groupie'. You can also see the plastic fly, which is Sam. 


Inside of Card 

You can see the tiny 'real bone' skull and tiny Voodoo doll on the picture of Tara and Miss Jeanette. 


On the inside of each card you'll see a blank space for writing your own message. Sometimes, when I'm giving one of my cards to someone, I just write my message on a separate piece of paper and slip it into the card so if the recipient wants to reuse the card or show it to others, they can. That way my own personal message isn't written directly on the card....

I strongly suggest that if you are going to mail these to anyone, please use a bubble envelope so the embellishments won't be damaged.

You'd be surprised at the weight and feel of these cards. Those who have bought them from me before know what I mean.

As always, there's a bonus and freebies with each purchase from me.

I plan to make my Halloween, Gypsy Fortune Teller, and Witch cards soon. Stay tuned. 


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