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'Train Robbers And Cowboy Cactus'


...cowboys on horse-back....that's right, cowboys! Bandits! bandits_1.jpg (17414 bytes)bandits_2.jpg (26292 bytes)Robbers!...and the train was at a dead stand-still. Pretty soon we heard the shouting and yelling and there they were...But not to worry, we had the sheriff on board...and he was looking for them...never found them, though. It was a great show...lots of fun. I talked one of them into giving me his gun.

bandits_3.jpg (24597 bytes) bandits_4.jpg (16525 bytes) sheriff.jpg (17263 bytes) sheriff_2.jpg (21684 bytes)  

When we got back to Williams, the horse and carriage was waiting for us to take us back to the camper. I loved that curb-service! The driver was more intoxicated, or whatever, but entertaining, nevertheless. What a wonderful day we had. We spent the evening talking and relaxing and getting ready for the next day and another long trip. This time we were headed to Phoenix, Arizona. I was to meet up with a friend of mine. I met her on the internet. 

One of the things I looked for, ever since we hit Texas, was 'cowboy cactus'. Now....that's just what I call it...I've seen this sort of cactus in cowboy movies all my life and now I wanted to see it in person. Didn't see it anywhere....not in Texas, not in New Mexico, and so far, not in Arizona. I also never saw any 'cowboy mountains', either. That's what I call the red rocky cylinder-type mountains that seem to shoot straight up out of no-where. Where are these things? 

Anyway, we were headed to Phoenix ....came around a mountain...and there they were....thousands of 'cowboy cactus'...they were everywhere.

cowboy_cactus_1.jpg (13611 bytes) 

cowboy_cactus_2.jpg (30052 bytes) arizona_rain_2.jpg (17135 bytes) 

arizona_rain_1.jpg (19494 bytes)


We rounded another mountain and right in front of us were five different places where it was raining in the distance. That is one thing I can say about the drive out never know when you crest a hill, or come around the mountain, what will be waiting for you...the entire scenery can change...the sky, the plants, the trees, the mountains, the weather, the wind, the signs, the 'animal warning' just never know. 

jaclin_and_me.jpg (19583 bytes)We reached Phoenix, Arizona and found Jaclin's place, in Chandler,  without any trouble. She was waiting outside for us. However, the visit was short-lived...we had a long road ahead of us. While Jaclin and I were talking, Les discovered that one of our brand new camper tires had a hole in it....we had run over a nail along the way. So, we were off to Discount Tire Company to get it fixed. Jaclin had called ahead to see where the best place was for us to go. They worked us right in and didn't charge us a dime. I have nothing but praise for these wonderful folks....they saved our vacation and made a bad situation a little easier to deal with. We dropped off the camper and went for a bite to eat and when we got back the tire was fixed and we were on our way to Las Vegas, Nevada.....

These are some pictures of what we saw along the way into and out of Phoenix, Arizona....

along_the_way_1.jpg (25659 bytes) along_the_way_2.jpg (17865 bytes) 

along_the_way_3.jpg (17377 bytes) 

along_the_way_5.jpg (17032 bytes) 

along_the_way_6.jpg (22167 bytes) 

phoenix_sunset.jpg (14989 bytes) another_sunset.jpg (14544 bytes) 

cowboy_cactus_3.jpg (17553 bytes) cowboy_cactus_4.jpg (10245 bytes) cowboy_cactus_5.jpg (12305 bytes) along_the_way_7.jpg (21472 bytes) 

We saw so many beautiful places and sights. We drove until we were too tired to, we stayed at the KOA at Kingman, Arizona. We arrived at around 9:00 pm. After a good night's sleep we would head on out to Las Vegas. 

hoover_dam_1.jpg (43961 bytes) hoover_dam_postcard_2.jpg (41905 bytes) 

EEEEWWWWW....scared to death of the wall of the Hoover Dam...but I didn't see much of it. Thank goodness... on your way into Las Vegas you can't see it real well...and I was glad of that. However, you see other parts...less scary parts...of the dam.

hoover_dam_2.jpg (22314 bytes) hoover_dam_3.jpg (18848 bytes) 

hoover_dam_4.jpg (23485 bytes) hoover_dam_5.jpg (30361 bytes) hoover_dam_6.jpg (24803 bytes) 

Before too long we were approaching Las Vegas, Nevada...

vegas2.jpg (22934 bytes) 

And we were going to get married....again!

ahhh, the good ol' days. We're divorced now. But back when we took this trip, it was awesome.



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