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'Stuff I Like To Collect'

I love collecting things that remind me of my childhood, like my favorite dolls, Lisa Littlechap. They were different, and Lisa always reminded me of Lilly Munster. 

The whole family was Lisa the mother, Dr. John the father, Libby the youngest daughter, and Judy the oldest daughter. 

Years ago, from eBay, I purchased all of the Littlechap dolls. And then I bought a clothing lot for the family. I'm still on the lookout for Littlechap clothes.


Lone Wolf Shoe

On The Prowl Shoe

Serengeti Shoe & Matching Bag

Spectate This

VaVa Voom


En Pointe

This is the kind of shoe display I have for my shoe collection.

I also love to collect little shoes called Just The Right Shoe. It's been a long time since I've actually bought one, but I do have a nice little collection, including the awesome giant black shoe for displaying The Right Shoe collection. 

I have more in my collection, but these pictures give you an idea of some of what I have.

I like anything with spiders...they are hard to find...people hate them. I have been fascinated by spiders since I was a child. I have never been afraid of them. I respect them, sense in provoking one. And I collect anything with chickens on it. I also collect tiny suitcases....cosmetic cases, any suitcase that is small. I have them all over my bedroom. And let's not forget monkeys. I have a barrel of them. For a long time they were hard to find, but not any more. I collect old stuff, too. My entire house looks like we live in a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Old stuff has charm. My bedroom is dripping with Victorian decor...lace and flowers everywhere...definitely a woman's bedroom.




My ex-husband and I have seen the play 'Cats' eight times. Yes, it's that good. One time, for obvious reasons, we went all the way to New York City to see it at the Wintergarden Theatre.


pete_and_charlie.jpg (26546 bytes)   pete_and_dad.jpg (19988 bytes)   more_pete_wilcox.jpg (8036 bytes) 

Several years ago Les and I took my parents to Gatlinburg, TN for their wedding anniversary. We bought tickets to a show with Elvis impersonator Pete Wilcox, at the Memories Theatre. He has been on Designing Women, Walker Texas Ranger, and L.A. Law, and other shows...I just can't remember them all. Anyway, Charlie Hodge was with him. He used to be one of Elvis' closest friends. I got an autograph from both of them. I had just finished making my dad's white Elvis suit and dad was to take it with him when he went back home in Maryland. I won several ribbons on the suit at the local fair. Dad and I took it with us when we all went to the show. I met Pete Wilcox after the show and let him see the suit I had just made for dad. They both held it while Les took a picture.




     charlton_heston.jpg (14436 bytes)  charlton_2.jpg (8388 bytes)   

   charlton_heston_footprints.jpg (14689 bytes)  charlton_heston_autograph.jpg (13446 bytes)

Several years ago I had the thrill of a life-time...I was fortunate enough to meet one of my all time favorite actors...Charlton Heston! My ex-husband bought front row seats, in the center. We also attended the reception, held after his speech. I didn't care what his speech was about...he could have recited the alphabet, for all I cared....I just love to listen to his voice. I brought along my copy of his book "In The Arena" and he autographed it for me. I grew up watching his movies on rainy Sunday mornings. In the second picture you'll notice that I got Charlton to laugh like Moses. This picture was taken with our camera....the first picture was taken by someone with a Polaroid camera.   

In September 2000 we went to Hollywood, California and I was able to take a picture of Charlton's footprints and handprints at Mann's Chinese Theatre. 



lilian_jackson_braun.jpg (25958 bytes) ljb_autograph.jpg (7963 bytes) 

In March 1995 I was at the local cat show and was able to meet Lilian Jackson Braun, again. She is the lady who writes all of those 'The Cat Who....' books. She usually appears at the Spartanburg Auditorium when the cat show is in town. She signs books and promotes her latest in her series of 'The Cat Who....' books. That year it was 'The Cat Who Blew The Whistle'. I have several books signed by her and treasure them all.



our_deck_fireplace.jpg (30065 bytes)  fireplace_closeup.jpg (20395 bytes)

new_deck_pic_1.jpg (25570 bytes) new_deck_pic_2.jpg (23111 bytes) new_deck_pic_3.jpg (29167 bytes)       

One year, when my ex-husband and I built our deck in the home I used to have, I wanted to put a fireplace on it. So we bought one. I loved going out with a basket of wood, light a fire, and just sit and write or read. It is one of the best things I've done for myself! I actually look forward to cold weather, just so I can light a fire.

Even though I live somewhere else, I still have my fireplace. In fact, I have for the deck, and one for the front porch.  



Hey, cast fetish people, please leave me alone. 

broken_arm_side_view.jpg (15167 bytes)   my_broken_arm_top_shot.jpg (12573 bytes)   upset.jpg (45204 bytes)

In 1997 I fell and broke my left arm. It's very, very, very rare that I ever fall...but this  time I did. Can you imagine what it's like to be a double amputee AND have a broken arm? They shoot horses for less than this!! I was so miserable...but not too miserable to have my ex-husband go and get the camera before we went to the hospital to have my arm set. I wanted a picture of what my arm looked like before it was fixed. Even my doctor said I was gross. But, the good doctor put me back together again...I healed perfectly.


I have always loved good poetry and beautiful paintings. I didn't develop an appreciation for modern art...too abstract...'avant garde'. Alfred Lord Tennyson and William  Shakespeare...sometimes Edgar Allan Poe, and John Keats are among my favorite writers. They challenge my mind and emotions.  My favorite paintings are of J. W. Waterhouse....very romantic paintings, like 'The Lady of Shalott'.  I have a huge painting of 'The Lady of Shalott' in my bedroom. I never tire of looking at it.



waterh48.jpg (26442 bytes)    dicksee1a.jpg (8714 bytes)

I also have these two paintings, as well....our dart room/sun porch is done up in Renaissance charm. I have several suits of armor and these paintings in that room. The paintings were inspired by another favorite writer of mine, John Keats, who wrote 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'. The first painting you see is by J. W. Waterhouse and the second painting is by Sir Frank Dicksee...another artist I admire.



The Little Black Book


In 1985 I met a girl who became a friend of mine, Rita Thomas. She worked for a singles magazine called The Little Black Book in 'advertising sales'. During the month of November 1985, she the_little_black_book_1.jpg (18753 bytes)approached me and said that they needed a "Single Of The Month" for January 1986....and asked me if I would run for it. Well, I had never been in a single's ad, and had no interest in it at all. She explained that she thought I would be a 'sure win' and said I didn't even have to answer any of the ads...but that I could go out with whomever I wanted and they would buy dinner for two and some others things I'd receive as gifts, if I won.. 

Okay, I told her she could have a picture of me and I didn't think any more of it. Then she stopped over one day and told me I won for Single Of The Month....January 1986. Well, I had just started dating Les, the man I eventually married in March 1986 (and ultimately divorced in 2006)...and I when I gave the interview I had Les in mind, when giving some of my answers.

the_little_black_book_2.jpg (58157 bytes)

This was a lot of fun. Les and I went to dinner and had a great time. We had just begun to get serious in our relationship. Rita would come over every week with lots of letters, and it was very interesting and fun to read them. When I entered the contest I was single, but by the time the magazine came out, Les and I were together. I never answered any of the letters. Rita told me I received more mail than anyone else ever had for Single Of The Month, at that point.

Somewhere through the years I lost my only copy of this newspaper and I contacted my good friend Joyce and she had a friend who still had a copy. She told me I could have it and Joyce mailed it to me recently. Upon reading it, for the first time since the month this magazine article was published, I discovered that very little of myself had changed through the years.

the_little_black_book_3.jpg (14057 bytes)Oh, and as an extra surprise, Rita ran a free ad for me during that month. I was very surprised that she did that, knowing how expensive they were. I had nothing to do with it, Rita designed it all out herself. 



The Fears

We all have them...and I'm no different...maybe some of my fears are...but I can't help it. I hate roaches...I don't mind any bug, except a roach...I can't believe I'm typing the word...I won't even say it...I usually call them "R's". I hate them...enough about them. 

I hate waterfalls...all waterfalls. I don't know why, but the very site of one sends me right into a panic attack and I actually have been put on medication for it. Isn't that silly? But it's so true. My husband had to practically carry me out of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC one year. They had some water project and huge walls with waves painted on them , and the sounds of waves...and I fell out....went into a full-dress panic attack. I am not afraid of water at all, I love to swim and go boating, but I can't stand vertical water. I've never heard a name for this phobia, so I made one up...I call it Niagara-phobia! 

I hate canned biscuits...terrified of opening them. And I'm not the only one, I have a friend who feels the same way. If I want to make canned biscuits, which is rare, I like to make them home-made, but when I  want them, I have to get Les to open them...the anticipation of the can bursting open freaks me out...messes me up.

Body hair...I don't like hairy people at all. I don't like clowns, either. I used to go to the circus when I was little and when they would get all up in my face, I would void was so scared of them that the ol' bladder just released itself. I also had a dream once that I was down by mom-mom's creek and a huge clown was sitting on a tree stump laughing his head off and making a bowl of French Toast batter...freaked me out. I have hated them all my life. 

People with huge heads...they also scare me, I can't quit looking at them, yet I am afraid of them. 

Oh, and I hated Santa Clause, too...terrified of him. I also released my bladder on him when I was little. And I am scared to death of roller got it, bladder wouldn't hold up on that thing, either. My dad took us to Hershey Park and he put me on a roller coaster. I was sick, threw up on everything, as well. 

When I think of some more of my little fears, I'll write them down.