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The Drac!


Today I'm going to share something with you. You're about to learn the meaning of Drac.

Have you ever watched a cat as it sniffed something very intently? intently that when the cat looked up, it's mouth was jacked open?......and it stayed that way a few moments?

Well, for as long as I can remember, I have always called it Drac'ing.

You see, when the cat's mouth stays open like that, the cat looks like Dracula, with it's fangs showing. I always laugh when I see it.

When a cat does that, it's actually using it's Jacobs Organ to intensify the odor of the item they are smelling.

Here is a picture of Cecil smelling some cat hair that my friend sent to me. We thought it would be fun to let our cats be introduced to one another via the mail.
We also call this a pre-Drac........the moments just before the Drac'ing begins.

And after a few moments of some intense sniffing, here's Cecil in full Drac.

Both of my cats do this all the time on all kinds of things....and it's funny every time. I love getting pictures of them doing it. They Drac themselves on something almost every day.
Sometimes they Drac themselves by smelling each other. We refer to this as The Booty Drac.

So, if you want to laugh at some good Drac'ing, get some pet hair from a friend and let your cat sniff it. When they are smelling it for a few moments, very intently, get them to look up at's hilarious. It's great if you have your camera ready, too.

Around the Scruggs' house, we have our own little language and vocabulary words for our cats.
Next, I'll see if I can get some good pictures of my cats eating Pop Rocks candy.....they love that stuff.


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