The Catt Box

The Bug!


For some strange reason, my precious sweet boy Simon, also called Va-Vee, has learned a new trick.
I can't stand it.

He has been going through his pet door, down to the basement, and bringing ugly beetles upstairs. This is different than when he brings me worms when it has rained, or the occasional mouse.....
These beetles are not meant to be 'gifts' for me. He uses the beetles to sharpen his hunting skills, and to entertain himself.
He takes these hideous creatures and puts them in front of the pantry door in the kitchen. I'm sitting right here in the computer room.....I can see him.
Then, the crippled beetle will crawl under the pantry door.
Va-Vee will sit for hours in hopes of the crippled beetle crawling it's way back out from under the pantry door. He leans his head down and watches for it. Then, I can tell by his body language that it's close to the door.
At this point, I begin to freak.

If Les is home, HE has to go kill 'the bug'.......if Les is not home, I have to muster up the nerve to go in search of a running beetle and a cat that has just been given the 'go ahead' to play Big Game Hunter.


Later on, this sweet innocent boy of mine will look up at me and beg for treats from the huge treat jar that sits on the floor at my feet.
I look down at that beautiful clean.........with fur as white and pure as fresh fallen snow.......little pink lips.......

Of course, because of the trauma I have encountered that day, as I look at his innocent face, THIS is the image that's burned into my head.......




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