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The Movie Premiere


This was a great dream...a fun dream, and it made me wake up laughing. I dreamt that my best friend Johnny (Elwood), of over twenty-something years, had surprised everyone with writing a song that was going to be used in a hit movie. The song was called "I Got My Christmas Card, My Candy, My Glasses, And My Peanut Butter And Jelly". 

Now, I had no idea how this 'song' of his was discovered, or why anyone wanted to use it in a movie, but they did. The movie people had wanted to get Sonny Bono to record it for them, but then they all remembered that he had died. I can't remember who they finally got to record it for them. Everyone was so shocked that this had just have to know Johnny to understand why this is so funny to me.

Well, it finally came time to see the movie that Johnny's song was in....the big movie premiere. Everyone was there...I was amazed at the stars who took interest in this movie....Tom Cruise and his 'then' wife Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, and all kinds of people. There were people who I knew were important, but I didn't know who they were, probably producers and the like.

The room was getting full of people. And it wasn't a regular movie theatre, it was more like a huge open room...a ball room, maybe. It was getting so full of people that I had to sit around a corner and I couldn't see the movie screen at all.

I couldn't believe that Johnny wrote and sold a song.....JOHNNY! I was still stunned. I stayed in a state of shock through-out the entire dream.

Well, I ended up having to sit next to Walter Matthau....who slept the whole time anyway...and I was totally naked and trying to cover myself. I don't know why I was naked, this was definitely an occasion that I would have REALLY dressed up for...I love to dress up.

Anyway, I felt so self-conscious of my nudity, but no one else seemed to notice at all. Just then a baby, under a year old, appeared on Walter's lap. It was fussing and wasn't happy at all. He woke up and told me to hold the child. It was also naked. I didn't want to hold the baby, but I did it anyway and the baby got quiet immediately. It was real happy to be with me. The baby and I were the only naked people in the room.

The movie was playing...I could hear it, but I couldn't see it. Then the room got real still and quiet, there wasn't a sound to be one was saying a word. All of a sudden, in the movie, a child said these words..."I Got My Christmas Card, My Candy, My Glasses, And My Peanut Butter And Jelly".

Then the movie was over. That was it. People were standing and clapping and the lights came on and the people stayed to see Johnny's name in the credits. As soon as that was over the people began to leave. What I didn't understand was that I didn't hear the actual 'song'....just the title of it being recited in an awkward way, by a child.

Most of the people had gone and Johnny and I were talking and we heard someone shouting horrible things....cussing and yelling. We looked over and saw that a large black man was challenging Woody Allen to a fight. He said that if Woody didn't fight him that he would start hurting the other people in the room. Well, we knew that Woody Allen didn't have a chance with him and Johnny and I wanted to get out of there before something happened. I was still naked, and I don't know what happened to the baby, but I told Johnny that we had to leave. So, Johnny and I went out into the parking lot, got in our space ship, and left....and Johnny was singing his song...."I Got My Christmas Card, My Candy, My Glasses, And My Peanut Butter And Jelly".

May 5, 1998 Copyright Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander



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