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The Gothic Graveyard


I am not close to my mother by any stretch of the truth...but I do dream of her most of my dreams my mother was much nicer towards me than she's been in real life. But in this dream we were on a strange journey together. We were somewhere, looking through foggy windows and straining to see the strange vision. I could feel and hear the loud wind blowing through the cracks in the windows....whistling and screaming, pushing it's way through the glass. It was blowing my hair into my eyes and it made it even harder to see what was out there. And I could smell the earth and cold stone.

It appeared to be a very old graveyard...a very Gothic graveyard. It had wrought iron fencing all around it and a mist was rising up from the ground, but only in the grave section. It reminded me of every spooky movie I had ever seen. The moon light was giving everything a blue / gray color and we could feel the cold from the tombstones. 

There were lots of small stone building with tightly shut doors,  and tombstones.....statues and fountains...and none of the fountains had water, just bluish-green stains. The angel statues were massive and ominous and I had the feeling they were watching us, so I tried not to stare at anything too long. I felt that if I looked at something for any length of time that the statues would sense it and I would be vulnerable to them. I feared them. They were all lady statues. This was like being in a movie...all the movies I had ever seemed so cliché.  Piano music was playing softly in the background, but I couldn't identify the tune....sounded familiar, though....


My mother and I continued down a seemingly long and endless hallway...there were windows everywhere, and they were all along just the one wall....and in front of some of the window were cathedras, beautifully carved wood and rich fabric. We could only look through the windows in-between the cathedras. The music stopped....the wind stopped... all sound stopped...I could feel nothing. And I wasn't afraid of the feelings I had.

We happened on to one window, in-particular, and it gave way to a portion of the graveyard that seemed to be set appeared to belong to Stevie Nicks, a favorite singer of mine. I was devastated. In front of the small stone building was a huge statue of a woman carved from marble. She looked as though she had been running and something froze her in place. But, her flowing, wind-blown clothing was not made of marble, it was real Chiffon, and her hair was real, too.....and the hair and her clothing were blowing in the wind, blowing back from her body and her face, exposing her closed eyes. 

There was no sound. It seemed that I could have access to that place, but I didn't want to go in there. It was like some sort of shrine to her. I didn't want to know if she was really dead. I had the feeling that if I didn't stay here that everything would be alright...that I could erase all of this. My mother never said a word during the entire journey. I could sense from her that she felt nothing and made no reaction to know, like in real life.....


January 31, 1998 Copyright © Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander



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