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'The Catt House'


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My ex-husband Les and I used to reside in South a well-known older home ....and it was my dream home. It was called The Old Cantrell House for many years.... and it even has a secret room tucked away out of sight. If I didn't show you where that room was, and how to get there, you might not find it. These photos were taken during a rare snowfall on January 3, 2002.

used_to_look2.JPG (29985 bytes)This is a picture of our home several months after we purchased it. February 2002 makes eight years since we bought this wonderful place. You can see all of the lush woods behind our home. It was so peaceful and quiet here. Then, almost five years ago, the woods were destroyed and a housing project was built behind our home. It was devastating to us. 

The homes that were built are 'pre-fab' trailer homes. So, instead of the beautiful woods that surrounded our home, we are left with only the trees on our property, and a disgusting view of the tops of those ugly pre-fab homes. You can see what our home looks like today, in viewing the pictures above. We've painted our home in the past several years.

I love my home and the fact that it is so unique. I have to have an 'interesting' home....not a home that looks like everyone else's. The people who built it, nearly 54 years ago, built it with 'quality'....not just for show. They were among the wealthiest people in the county, at that time, and they spent good money for the good quality. Every floor in my house, with the exception of one bathroom and the sun porch, is hard carpets in my home. I have never liked carpeting. 

And, this is another page that has the sentence 'sad to say'. But I lost this home in my divorce with Les. He abandoned me for another woman and walked out on our marriage. We divorced in September 2006, but I lost our camper, the house, my excellent credit of 31 years, etc. 

I'm going to raise a section devoted to where I live now, which is in a duplex that my girlfriend owns. I'm happy here, at least I don't have to worry about losing it after having it for 15 years.

I'm going to keep these pages up for a while longer. I enjoy looking at the pictures and it doesn't upset me. I've gone on with my life, found a new love, and I am looking ahead to my future. 

I did enjoy every minute of living in my own home. I hope to own a home again one day. 

This page and the following page of more of my house was written back when my ex-husband and I were together. I just left it as it was. I didn't feel like going back and re-writing everything because there was no point...I'm no longer living there.

Pictures of part of my kitchen!

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My regular email buddies have been hearing of the new 'old' stove I purchased. On Monday, July 24th, 2000, I finally found the stove I've been wanting for a long time. It dates back to the 1950's....and is quite large. The third photo is the top of the one I used to have. We are still doing the last of the remodeling of the kitchen, and I really hate showing the unfinished project, but I am so proud of my stove. We still have to finish the brick work on one wall, and have recently installed a natural slate countertop. 

When we first began the project, one of the first things we did was to build a huge cupboard / shelving unit. (pictured below)

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Another shelving section that we built was over the pantry and the basement. These photos were taken while the building was still going on. I would spend my days sanding and staining the boards, including the ones we put on the walls, and then Les would spend the evenings putting them in place. We are a wonderful team when working on our house. And I even have my own power tools! (pictures below)

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Here are a few sections of my kitchen. We've done a lot of remodeling in the past three years and only have a few more things left to do. These were taken before we remodeled the countertops.

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Recently, my husband and I took an old work table and made it into a nice kitchen island. We cashed in all of our rolled-up pennies and bought all the materials needed in order to re-build the base of the island. We had a total of $131.00 in pennies. It probably took about another $20.00 on top of that to complete the project. We sanded the butcher block section of the table, stained it 'natural' and put mineral oil on it after it was finished. Here are the 'before and after' pictures of this project. 


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Another recent project has been to replace the countertop. We used a natural slate with black grout. The third picture is rather dark, but shows the unfinished countertop from when we built that one section a few years ago. (pictures below)


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 counter_after_6.jpg (33908 bytes)


Everything back in place!

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My Bedroom...

My bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the entire house. It has a wooden ceiling, walls, and floor and it's huge! 

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The Deck Area and Sun Porch...

This is my very first deck-garden, so, the view is constantly changing out there...I've got a long way to go and I'm learning so much about this, thanks to my friend Whisper. She's going to make a gardener out of me yet!

the_deck_plants.jpg (46149 bytes)

Well, as I keep gaining new plants, I keep changing the deck around. Here is how it looked on June 19, 2001.....we rearranged the deck once the plants began to grow real well..

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We have moved our computers onto the sun porch...and we love it's so much brighter and bigger. We're still not finished with what we plan on doing, but these pictures will give you an idea of what we are working on...

The next set of pictures are of the sun porch...starting with the entrance of the sun porch from the kitchen area. 

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les_computer_area.jpg (24262 bytes) top_window_over_glass_doors.jpg (17182 bytes) looking_onto_the_deck.jpg (24713 bytes)

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We did take some more pictures....of the living room and of the deck. They are on the next page.