The Catt Box

'The Catt House 2'


I do not have a pretty living room....I'll be the first to admit to that. My living room looks more like part of a stage, and as long as I have this equipment, it'll look like this. We have a 'throw' on the chair so we can protect it from cat hair. It's the chair that both cats prefer.

You can see the glass showcases I have with some of the dolls I made being displayed in them. You can't see them all in these pictures, and I do have more dolls in other areas of the house. I no longer live here, but I still have all of my musical equipment in my new living room. 

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We heat our home with a woodstove in winter.

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In the summertime I used to like to sit out on the deck to eat my dinner and enjoy the little fireplace. In these pictures, I had the 'Chimenea' going, so that's why the one picture looks so smoky. We hung some 'chili pepper' lights in the umbrella, which makes for a great atmosphere. Since these pictures were taken we've purchased two more chairs for the deck table.

As I've stated before in other pages, I'm no longer married to Les, or living in this home, but I'll show you the pictures of what it used to look like. I have a whole new deck and table and chairs. I hope to have new pictures up as soon as I can.

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'The Studio'

In March 2002 I took some photos of my studio. I no longer live in this house. But, it'll give you an idea of what my sewing studio looked like. I'm in a new place and I have TWO sewing studios. One day I'll get some new pictures taken and post them on this page. 

Anyway....It's quite crowded to look at, but it's the perfect place for my sewing and other projects. The room is easier to get around in and larger than it looks in the photographs. These pictures will show what the studio looks like as you walk in the door and then they'll work around the room, and end up back near the entrance.

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