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Primitive Gothic Wizard Of Darkness!



This is the only other version of my Wizard dolls that I've made.


The howling wind carries a name down from the jagged peaks of the mountains all the way to the lush green foothills of an enchanted land. A black-shadowed figure moves from the shallow creek.......a welcome respite from many days of travel.
The whispered name is then carried softly in a breeze that enters the forest.
The name belongs to a wandering Wizard......his name is Tharkun.

Many centuries ago Tharkun had been an apprentice under the teachings of the most powerful Wizard who had ever lived.....the Wizard Uriah. Tharkun spent untold decades learning and perfecting the wisdom needed to harness his own power.


Finally, the old Wizard Uriah was at the end of his own days. On his death-bed he bequeathed his most valuable possession to Tharkun........the hour-glass of The Length Of Days.
It was the most enviable item among the wares of the Wizard Uriah. Other Wizards and apprentices had already cast their greedy eyes and hopes upon the hour-glass, but the old Wizard Uriah had given it to the only worthy Wizard of the land....Tharkun.
The unusual Skeleton sandtimer measures about 6 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The exotic sands were red and the structure was made of intertwined skeletons.
(yes, the sandtimer is included with the doll. The wooden doll stand is also included)

The power of the hour-glass of The Length Of Days was to be guarded with one's life......for it held the very power of a long life. Each grain of sand represented a year of life granted to the Wizard who possessed it. And there would always be those who would seek it's power, and they would kill to have it for their own.
However, as one end of the hour-glass is full, it also empties into the other end, going faster and faster with each use of the Wizard's power.

Tharkun always knew of the heavy price paid for the use of one's power....and as each year of his apprenticeship ticked by, and the sands trickled down to the other side of the wasp-waisted hour-glass, he knew that before too long, the old Wizard Uriah would have to pass the magic hour-glass onto someone else.

Once Tharkun became the new owner, the old Wizard took the hour-glass of The Length Of Days and turned it over, to start it anew, and Tharkun's own sands of time began.
The old Wizard Uriah took one more breath and then he expired.
Almost immediately, Tharkun's life was in peril and he was forced to set out on his own. He needed to find a kingdom in which to dwell and use his powers for good.
As different charms, spells, powers, curses and magic are used, each one has a price of it's own......each one drains the precious hour-glass of valuable, irreplaceable sands of time.


Tharkun was a tall Wizard of 33 inches from the bottom of his black wooden doll stand to the top of his crooked, pointy hat. His hooded robe was made of black flannel. The sleeves were very large and hung down in large cuffs. His black gown was made of cotton.


Tharkun wore a large black pointy hat during his daytime travels, but at night, to further hide beneath the mantle of darkness, he usually wore the hood that was attached to the back of his coat.

Tharkun was considered a young Wizard, by a mortal's age, but his numberless years showed in his face. His dark eyebrows gave a hint as to his hair color when he was a lad. His nose was long and pointy and his disturbing yellow eyes were partially concealed by his sagging eyelids.


But the most conspicuous aspect of his aging appearance was his long white hair, beard, and mustache, made from hand-washed raw sheep's wool. They were like a white cloud that enveloped his face beneath his dark hat.


And just under the white beard of Tharkun was the precious Wizard's pendant he received just before Uriah died.


Tharkun's belt held all of his possessions. He had a hand-stitched soft leather bag. And hanging from the bag were four real bone skulls.


Resting beside the bag were three tiny glass vials that held secrets we can only imagine.


Once, on a time-travel experience, Tharkun brought back a dagger, measuring about 3 inches in length, but with his powers, he can make the sword as large as he needs it to be.
He keeps it snug in the front of his belt.
Although he has always kept weapons for defending himself, darkness is his favorite tool.


Also, sitting beside Tharkun's glass vials is a length of rusted chain. It hangs down the front of his gown. On the end of the chain is the Wizard's handmade leather Grimoire. It's pages were aged and ready for the Wizard to use in recording in this mysterious Book Of Shadows.


Equipped with everything he needed, Tharkun set off on his journey. However, during his first night in the wilderness, he was attacked by a troop of marauders. They were an evil band of rogues that had set out to rob Tharkun. It was the first time, since being out in the world, that he had to call upon his stronger powers to defend himself.
But this night would also change the heart of Tharkun forever. Instead of doing only 'good' in the world, his heart was beginning to blacken. His powers grew darker and darker.


It was a fearful sight to behold, as the marauders were dealt with. Tharkun stood in one place, stretched out his staff, and created thunder that rose up from the ground. The marauders were unable to move. They were froze in one spot. All they could do was to fear what was coming next.
The clouds moved quickly and masked the moon. Suddenly, the amber colored globe from near the top of the 25 inch staff began to glow brightly.



The rope on the staff began to spiral and 'snake' beneath Tharkun's hand .......constantly moving, yet staying in one place.

The night-time sounds grew quiet and the only things that could be heard were the tinkling of the black wooden beads, the tiny skulls, and the beating hearts of the frightened marauders.


Then Tharkun opened his right hand and presented a 'seeing stone' in the shape of the world. It's iridescence was nearly blinding. He seemed to be drawing his power from this mysterious orb.
Just then, the pages of Tharkun's old Grimoire, began to turn quickly, all by themselves.


When the pages stopped moving, Tharkun began to set a curse on the marauders. The wind blew in strong gusts and as he spoke, his words echoed.....

I exist in trees and thorns,
In winter snow and summer storms.
See my shadow in your breath,
Feel my vengeance in your death.

Pierce my flesh, I will not bleed,
Curse my path, but do take heed...
Suns will set, daylight plundered,
I will cast your soul asunder.

The marauders were terrified. They knew that anything they attempted to do to Tharkun would be done in vain, and would result in their deaths.


When the curse was spoken, the words came back around in 'echo' three times. The last echo that was heard was spoken in a deeper voice, and Tharkun's mouth was no longer moving, yet the curse was still being heard.
Fire began to shoot from the eyes of the skull on Tharkun's staff.
When the last word had been uttered, Tharkun calmed the wind, the amber globe at the end of his staff dimmed, the 'seeing stone' melted into his hand and disappeared, and the pages of the Grimoire stilled themselves.

There was no doubt as to the strong power Tharkun held, but it also had it's price. Whenever he used his powers, the sands in the hour-glass of The Length Of Days ran faster.
He needed to find a safe place where he wouldn't need to use his powers in this evil manner.


He's still in his travels to find such a kingdom in which to rest.......a place where his 'sands of time' will pass slowly.

Copyright March 2, 2003 and June 20, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander



A big 'thank you' to gypsybazaar for the old chain. You're a sweetie! 
Many thanks to raven.hawk for your dreams and inspirations.


Another super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the wonderful Wizard pendant.

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