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Black Goth Catmas Stocking!


"Catmas Stocking For Little Demeter & Baphomet"



This is the only one of these stockings with these items that I'll be making this year.

There are many people on the earth who celebrate Christmas.
There are also many cats within the earth that celebrate Catmas.
You see, even HELL has cats....they are referred to as HellCats. And they have their own holiday celebration.....Catmas.
Catmas is the anniversary of the day that The Dark One decided that Hell needed some cats.

Every year on Catmas Eve, the excited cats in Hell are rewarded for providing their services. They not only provide the usual 'cat comforts' that all cat lovers are familiar with, but they are also responsible for making all cats of the earth ornery....
HellCats can creep into the minds of cats everywhere and provoke them into doing all sorts of things to us humans.

And you wonder why your cat does the things it does....
My cat Cecil has several HellCats in HIS mind, I just KNOW it.


Like right now, for example.....I just gave Cecil some Catpot....he got a buzz and then when I was trying to get back to typing this story, he jumped up and bit me in the arms. Now he's running Simon all over the house and bullying him.
He's awful....he's been influenced by cat drugs and HellCats.

Anyway....on Catmas Eve, the HellCats Demeter and Baphomet were so excited about this night. All the HellCats gathered in the front section of the massive cave for the annual reading of The Poem, and some 'quality bonding time' with.....

The Dark One!

The huge walk-in fireplace was ablaze and there were bowls of Catpot and mice sitting everywhere.
The HellCats took the position of sitting on the large-squared brimstone floor. A dark shadow entered the room and a hush fell over all the hundreds of HellCats.
The shadowy figure approached a gigantic dark-wood Gothic chair and as he seated himself the chair emitted creaks from the weight of his presence.

Without a word The Dark One opened a large dusty book with metal hinges. The latch slammed back and a fine powder of rust spilled over the chair. The red rust looked like a bloody mist in the firelight.

The Dark One parted the heavy book with a thud on his lap. Slowly he looked for the special page, turning chunks of the pages at a time. Each slam of a chapter pounded like thunder and it echoed through the dim-lit halls of Hell.
Excited demonic giggles could be heard from various groups of HellCats.

Demeter and Baphomet were sitting very close to the massive fireplace. The statues that held up the mantle were of demons and Gargoyles. The fireplace was so large that it couldn't be seen in it's entirety. As their eyes followed upwards the fireplace disappeared into the darkness.

From the amber firelight the demonic HellCat's sleek stockings could be seen as they hung from the mantle....silhouettes of creepiness, lined up in a row, one after another.
Demeter and Baphomet were staring at their own creepy stocking....waiting for the moment when they could see what was put inside for them.

Their stocking was 42 inches long, from the top of the cuff to the tip of the black bell that was stitched onto the toe.

It was a black stocking, as they ALL were....and it had been painted and sanded.
The front of the stocking, from the foot section to the cuff, had been laced up with thick black cotton string. There were 56 small black glass beads that had been individually hand-sewn into place and used as eyeletts for the lacing. about tedious work!

And hanging from the ends of the laces were two real bone skulls.

And if Demeter and Baphomet turned their heads just right, they could barely see the tag that hung from their stocking....the tag that let them know that the stocking they were gazing at was theirs.
It was an aged paper tag that was hanging from a black satin ribbon. And on the tag itself was an embossed black cat cut-out.

Attached to the cuff of the stocking was a spray of black decorations. There was a gathering of some black pine, along with some black berries and leaves. Also, in the center, was a black jingle bell and some black ribbons tied in a bow.

And in the center of all of that was a small cat face charm.

Their attention was quickly drawn back to The Dark One as the final thud sounded out from his enormous book.
He cleared his throat and with that, the reading began.....


The Night Before Catmas!

(Copyright November 8, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs)

T'was the night before Catmas,
And all through the cave,
All the HellCats were gathered,
And told to behave.

The stockings were hung
From the mantle with care,
In hopes that The Dark One
Would visit their lair.

The kittens were sleeping,
Sprawled flat on their backs,
Digesting their cat-treats,
Some mice and some snacks.

HellCats with their 'jammies',
And me in my cape,
Had just settled back,
From changing our shape.

When out from the cave,
There arose such a noise,
I hoped it was 'Dark One',
Bringing some toys!

Away to the entrance,
I flew in a rush,
The HellCats were giggling,
I told them to 'HUSH!'

The moon on the front,
Of the HellCat's huge 'hole',
Gave the luster of daytime,
So, they scurried like moles.

When what to my marveling
Eyes should appear....
But two giant hooves,
Some horns, and a spear!

With a massive red body,
And a presence so bold,
I knew in a moment....

More rapid than angels,
His demons they came....
He roared and he thundered,
And he called out their names.

"Now Balam! Now Armon!
Now Incubus! Now Monstrous!
On Beelzebub! On Aborym!
On Furfur, and Forcas!

To the top of the cave!
To the bowels of the pit!
Reward all the HellCats,
Till I say to quit!"

So, up to the cave-top,
The wild demons flew....
With a sack full of toys,
And The Dark One did, too!

And then within moments,
I heard on the roof...
The tapping and padding,
Of each demon hoof!

As I drew in my tail,
And was turning around...
To the pit came The Dark One,
For he was Hell-bound.

He was dressed all in red,
From his hooves to his horns,
And he grumbled a lot,
(On account of his corns)

With a bundle of toys,
Flung over his hump...
He complained of the garbage,
And called us 'a dump!'

His eyes were like fire,
His mouth like a clown....
He constantly smoked,
And he constantly frowned.

His long slender fingers,
Were as pointed as knives,
And he moved through the room,
With the stealth of a spy!

And those grinning black lips,
Hid horrors beneath....
Two rows of white daggers....
Huge razor-sharp teeth!

Though built like a Centaur,
He had a pot-belly,
It was bloated with gas,
And he stayed rather smelly.

With the wink of an eye,
And a twitch of his tail,
The time was approaching,
For him to leave Hell.

He spoke not a word,
As he finished his work,
But he held back some toys,
The selfish old jerk!

It came time to vanish,
So he jumped in the fire,
He gleefully danced,
Like a pig in the mire.

As he rose in the smoke,
To his team gave a holler,
"Let's vacate this place,
Leave the cats in the squalor."

But I heard him sing out,
Disappearing from sight,
"Happy Catmas to all,
And to all a good fright!"


The wonderful reading of The Poem had come to a close for another year. The Dark One looked out amongst his hundreds of HellCats and saw that they were ready for bed. There were yawns and stretches and sighs and moans.
A few HellCats had fallen asleep and even The Dark One smiled because they were too cute.
So, off to bed they all went.

Catmas morning finally arrived and Demeter and Baphomet sprang from their beds and rushed down to the huge front room of the cave and up to the massive fireplace.

Oh, boy!!!!
What a sight!!! The stocking had gifts....wonderful gifts!

In the top of the stocking stood two six inch tall HellCat dolls. One was tea-stained and it was wearing a black dress with a metal cat charm. It was in the likeness of Demeter himself.
The other HellCat doll was black. It was also wearing a black dress and it had a Pentagram charm. It was in the likeness of little Baphomet.
How cute is THAT!!

And sitting right beside the dolls was a heavily stained and aged muslin bag with an ink stamping of a demonic black cat. The HellCats could hardly wait to pull that bag down and see what was inside.

But before they could get the bag down, another toy caught their eyes...
Oh, my, it, it....... was a demonic bobble head HellCat!!!

Oh, how they had always longed for an 8 1/2 inch tall resin demonic bobble head HellCat.
They could hardly contain their excitement.

They continued to look at the goodies in the bag....there was a round tin of mints with an old fashioned picture of a little girl holding a pumpkin and a black HellCat.
There was also a small furry black and white HellCat key chain. And there were also two black votive candles, tied with black ribbon.

But one of the best things in the bag was a small 2 3/4 inch tall and 4 inch long wooden Witch's shoe...and it also had a secret slide-open compartment on the top section.

Demeter and Baphomet decided that this was the best Catmas EVER!
They'd love to bring this stocking into your home and share it with you.

You can be sure, it took me just as long to make this stocking as it did to make a doll....(that is, depending on how detailed the doll...but you know what I mean)
This is also my own design.
The stocking is lightly stuffed and completely lined in order to keep it's shape. The top has enough space to hold other things inside, if you want to do so.


Copyright November 8, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


Special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the pentagram and cat charms.


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