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Small Primitive Devil Doll!



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This doll is called Raggedy Hell.
You just KNOW that this is the force behind all the evil that my dolls exhibit. She stands about 14 inches tall.

She is a red devil-doll with a bifurcated devil tail, 'flaming' red devil hair, and a ceramic devil bead on her dress. She also has a rusty pitchfork.

You see.... Raggedy Hell takes bad dolls to Doll Hell.
In Doll Hell, no one can hear a doll scream.


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My dolls are not for everyone, they are my art. If you are offended, I suggest you hit the back button. It will not do you any good to write me 'hate mail'. 

In spite of the dolls I create and the stories I write, I do not use recreational drugs, I don't smoke cigarettes, and I don't even drink alcoholic beverages.