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"Slimpy Grant Scruggs"


Here comes ol' Slimpy Grant Scruggs. He's the brother of Clicky Ray Scruggs.
Slimpy is an electrician.
Actually he's a 'jack of all trades'......there's nothing that Slimpy and his duct tape can't fix.
He's been the 'handy man' in the Pleasant View Trailer Park in Possum Kingdom, South Carolina for years and years


Today Slimpy Grant Scruggs has to go out in front of the trailer park and set up the tree and other decorations. He can't get his kids to help him, so he has to do it himself.
But, nevertheless, he's always proud of his boys.....James Ira, Jimmy Ira, Hollis Ira, Sie Ira, Horace Ira, and Bo Ira..... the Scruggs boys.


Slimpy Grant Scruggs' wife Glenna-Mae is just as proud of her girls, too.....there's Fanny-Jean, Ruby-Lynn, Lotta-Ann, Beaulah-Rae, Viola-Pearl, and Virginia-Belle. All the kids still live at home, and at some point this year, Slimpy plans to build onto his trailer again and make some more room.

When the Christmas decorations are set up and put into place, the entire Scruggs family are going over to the church for services and for the big Homecoming Covered-dish Dinner. What a great time they'll be having today.


There's nothing like a good, home-cooked, covered dish supper at the local church. Slimpy Grant Scruggs will help to set up the big plywood flooring for the Clogging dancers. He'll have a few simple 'wiring' jobs to do there, but things will go quickly and then the fun will begin!


But for now, Slimpy Grant Scruggs needs to get the decorations going. He's got a nice wooden crate filled with all the things he'll need.
As he gathers his 'wares', his mind ponders the big supper. There'll be fried chicken legs and chicken and dumplings (filled with 'meat-spookies' like those vein-tubes and gristle and skin), corn bread, green beans (with all the annoying strings attached), and those tight little cheap pumpkin know, the ones that were bought from the grocery store.....they're only about a half inch thick.

Yessiree, Bob.......there'll be some GOOD eatin' today!





Slimpy Grant Scruggs has a small Christmas tree in his wooden crate. There's also some small red velveteen wrapped presents, and a few wicker baskets filled with decorations ....tiny lights, to be exact. Then there's a tiny little basket filled with tiny candy canes. There's also a big rusty snowflake.


He's got his work gloves on and he's ready to get the job done and out of the way. That big belly of his is a-growlin'.


Slimpy is a tall man......about 26 inchss tall. He's wearing his favorite clothes, too. He's got his green and black flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and his 'work overalls', patched and tea-stained, with hand-stitched pockets in the front and back.



His left back pocket holds his 'work rag' and his right back pocket carries his chain wallet, made from real leather.


And just look at Slimpy Grant Scruggs' feet. He's wearing his work boots.
A slow smile finds it's way across his face as he thinks of the good times he'll have tonight when he dances on that plywood floor with those boots on........ he never laces his boots up, and the scuffing sound he makes as he walks tells everyone that ol' Slimpy Grant Scruggs is just around the corner.
He's wearing some tea-stained socks, too, but you can't see them in the photos.



As you can see, his overalls are loaded with pockets. Starting at the top, there's a pocket that holds his lottery tickets, and his sun-glasses.



His right front pocket holds some of his tools.....the screwdriver, wrench, and hammer. Just underneath is his measuring tape.



And below the right pocket is a denim loop that holds his spools of electrical tape........made from REAL electrical colors of blue, red, white, black, and green. He's also carrying some copper wire.



And tied around his waist is a tool hangs on his left side. It's also filled with things he uses......a saw, his drill, a paint brush, his heavy duty scissors, some rope, and some 'wire nuts'. And just below his tool pouch, which is made from real leather, is the most important tool of any tradesman.......duct tape. Couldn't work or live without it.
I couldn't swear to it, but it's rumored that there's enough duct tape in the Pleasant View Trailer Park to circle the earth one and a half times.
There's so much of that 'silver' tape flashing around that even planes think they're being signaled.



Also tied to Slimpy Grant Scruggs' twine belt is a rusty wheelbarrow and his shovel. When you're a handy man, you need all sorts of things like this when you do all the odd jobs that needs tending to.


And that face.........just look at Slimpy Grant Scruggs' face. He's got white-blonde hair that is balding at the top......but he still has a small 'tuft' of hair right in the front. The hair on his head matches his short beard, mustache, and uni-brow.


His sleepy eyes are made of old buttons and half-way covered with cloth for his eyelids. His nose has been sculpted and his lips are from a red potpourri flower.
Slimpy Grant Scruggs doesn't smile a lot, but when he does, he'll flash those little 'shoe-peg corn' teeth as good as the rest of 'em.

Yep, there'll be a great Hootnanny tonight. That's when the Scruggs family can 'let their hair down', act-up, show off, and 'cut-a-fool' with everyone.
And, if you'd like, you can untie the twine from around Slimpy's hand and put the crate away till next Christmas season.
Slimpy Grant Scruggs 'the electrician / handy man' would love to make a visit to your home. At least you wouldn't have to find room for his wife and 12 kids!


Copyright November 24, 2002 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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