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And here's Catt Nips!

I used to have little tidbits and adventures about my cats on most of my auctions on eBay. I compiled them all into one section so I could share them with everyone. If you like cats, you'll enjoy Catt Nips!. 

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New Page Added! 

I added a page on how to get great free samples and freebies through the mail without having to fill our annoying surveys.

Catt's Freebie Page


Latest Scoop What's... Get the 'Latest Scoop From The Catt Box'.

The Catt's Ugly Babies  Photos of some dolls I make. This is an on-going project I'm working on. Check back often. I'll be adding to this section as fast as I can.

Dolls are available for sale!

Catt's Freebie Page Great free samples and freebies without surveys!

Household Tips & Hints  Tons of great tips and money-saving ideas. 

My Biography  This page tells a little about who I am and where I come from. 

Catt's Wish List This is my wish list of things. 

About My Legs  This is the 'educational' section of my site about my legs. I will do my best to explain my situation. As I've said, this is not the main focus of my site or of my life, but it is a part of it.

Catt Banners  In case you want to link back to my website.


Misc. Pages  This section has a variety of misc. subjects. 


  • The Catt House  This is a page about the house I used to live in. It has photos and projects that were done.

  • The Catt House 2  Part 2.  Recently included pictures of my sewing studio. 


Animals  This section has pictures of my animals, past and present.

  • Cecil  Two pages of my black and white cat Cecil. 


  • Simon  A page about my other black and white cat. 


  • Rock   About my cat 'Rock'.


  • Monkeys  This page is about the monkeys I've raised.


  • Various Pets  A page with photos of pets I've had.


  • CattNips  A humorous look at my cats and their adventures.


My Stories And Rants  This section contains stories and rants that I've written. There are a variety of topics, which are listed here...

The Secret Story  A graphic story about the night I escaped an abusive relationship.  Also, a Survivor's Gift for other survivors.


The Big Adventure  back when my ex-husband and I went on a trip out west to Grand Canyon, Hollywood, L.A., Vegas, etc.


Catt's Kitchen  This section holds a collection of some recipes.


Poetry This poetry section contains some originals and favorites.


Strange Dreams  Some of my interesting dreams.



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