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My ex-husband and I had been planning on getting a kitten for Cecil to play with, and finally, we got him one. We knew we wanted a boy kitty...and I do love black and white cats, so, we got a white and black kitten...just the opposite of what Cecil is. And I am real tempted to draw little eyebrows on him....but I won't. His face is so white...and bare. Okay, I did put eyebrows on him once....just to see how he would look.

I began calling Simon 'baby' and then that turned into baby, only with V's.....I still call him Va-Vee.

Simon was eight weeks old and when we got him on April 21, 2000. Cecil will be two years old next month. They got along real well together right away. Cecil is not very territorial, so, when other animals come to visit it's never a problem. By the next morning they were bonded and Cecil was taking very good care of him...washing him and playing with him. I have taken several pictures of him, of course....


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There will be more information as I get it....

And I finally do have some more information on Simon...he's really come into his own little personality. He is definitely a 'mamma's boy' and still afraid of ex-husband's work boots. He seems to have an addiction to ink pens....constantly stealing them and carrying them around the house...they are everywhere. Every morning he comes into the computer room to try his hand at stealing my favorite ink pen.

And what a little 'triller' he is....always making sounds in everything he does...very vocal. I believe I detect some Siamese in him somewhere...he's very lanky and has a lot of the Siamese characteristics. He is perfectly content to sit in my lap and watch the computer screen...watching animations and 'magic words' appear as I type emails.

I can't believe how 'heavy-footed' he is....very loud. You can always hear him running from room to room...he gallops. But it's not just the running, it's how LOUD he is when he's running or jumping up on things. He definitely makes an entrance. 

Oh, and here's a new I've mentioned...Simon loves ink pens, but he has learned a new trick....he likes to take them downstairs to the basement, through the pet door. It's hilarious to watch him turn his head side-ways in order to fit the pen through the little plastic door. And then he'll bring it back up. We've also been noticing that other things are appearing upstairs that has come from the wires and "wire nuts" and other little things, but one night took the cake....Simon brought up one of my ex-husband's dirty socks and had it in the sun porch playing with it? Why? I would loved to have seen him bring that through the pet door.

Simon surprised me today with a snake skin from the basement.....a snake skin from the basement!!! This put a whole new adventure in going downstairs today and doing laundry. I was constantly looking over my shoulder and up above my head and on the duct-work......Simon carried it up from the basement, through the pet door, and it was, there is a huge black snake somewhere in my basement. And Simon has had  ball with the fresh skin shedding...yes, it's fresh.

spoon_destruction.jpg (20533 bytes)Here's a new one for the books.....when my ex-husband and I returned from vacation in October 2000, we came home to what Simon did in my kitchen to one of my favorite wooden spoons. He's never done this before, and has not done it since.....why in the world did he do this? What was he thinking? He obviously missed me. But just look at it....he never even took it from the bucket...he just worked it right where it stood.

On December 5, 2000 we got Simon neutered. 

Here are some up-dated pictures of Simon ....he was playing!

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vavy4.jpg (13187 bytes) vavy12.jpg (13452 bytes) vavy3.jpg (13470 bytes) bowl_of_boys.jpg (18059 bytes)


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'Simon's Doll Adventure'

Around January 15, 2002 I received my Little Women "Beth" doll from Spiegel......she's several feet tall, very, very nice doll. The description said she was wood and cloth, but she's not.....she's cloth and Porcelain. But I was not disappointed in her at all.

Anyway, she's beautiful and has a beautiful white gauzy dress on and she has painted fabric legs.......she also has a cloth hat.

Well, I was thrilled with her and took her out of the box and set her on the island in the kitchen.....I wanted to show Les when he got home.

So, I come on back into the computer room to work on some things and I gave the cats the box she came in.....they were playing in it, as usual.

About an hour later, I went back thru the rooms and Simon was up on the island and he had been licking that doll all over. Her bonnet was soaking wet, her face was soaking wet........her arms and even her white gauzy dress......wet, wet, wet........and not just wet, soaking wet.

He was in a 'lick-fest' all over that doll.....he had her dress up and she had bite marks on her legs. And also lick marks where she was wet. So, he wasn't just licking something off, he was leaving pools of wetness behind.....drooling on her.........

I couldn't believe, he acted as tho I wasn't even there, like he was in a trance or something. He was acting worse than when he's on catnip. I went to move him and he was all stiff, you know how they get when they don't want to be pulled off of anything.........he was ravenous for that doll......I was in disbelief. I'd expect something like this out of Cecil, but not Simon. I was laughing so hard. This was hilarious.
I had to bring the doll into the computer room so I could keep an eye on it because when I was moving the doll away from him, he began to be aggressive. I'd never seen him like this before. He wasn't aggressive towards me, he just wanted that doll. He had a death-grip on that doll and did not want to let go.
I hid it from him in here and all was well. When Les got home, I presented the doll in Simon's view and he started up again. He was standing up on his hind legs so as to get up under that put that dress in his mouth and shake his head. He didn't destroy the doll, but he has left tooth puncture marks here and there. He went for any part of that doll he could get in his mouth.......jumping up on anything in order to get to her. I've never seen him like this. So, the doll stays in my bedroom with the door shut so he can't get to it. I finally got some pictures of his reactions to this doll.

simon_and_doll_1.jpg (17657 bytes) simon_and_doll_2.jpg (18158 bytes)

simon_and_doll_3.jpg (17633 bytes) simon_and_doll_4.jpg (18581 bytes)

simon_and_doll_5.jpg (19191 bytes) simon_and_doll_6.jpg (21015 bytes)


And this is pretty much how he looks today, February 2009. I swear, he doesn't eat table scraps. He only eats dry cat food, no canned cat food. And he's HUGE!


On May 16th, 2001 Simon got an award!

Thank you so much "Nightowl & Sir Chancy"