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 Witch Pincushion Shoe Surprise!


Yes, I do plan to make more shoes like this in the future!

This is another pair of Witch Pincushion Shoes. I actually used another designer's pattern to make these wonderful pincushion shoes.
I always work with my own designs and patterns, but like a few other doll makers out there, I couldn't resist making Netty LaCroix's Witch Shoes.

I made these shoes from muslin fabric, and lined them with heavy flannel, to make them sturdy. I stuffed them with Polyfill, and the pincushion section on one shoe is stuffed with wood fibers.


I used small black glass beads as eyelets and stitched them into place. Then I strung some wire through them to act as laces.


The shoes have been painted, sanded, stained, and grunged for an 'old' look. I also stitched the shoes together.
They measure 13 1/2 inches long, from toe to top, and stand about 6 1/2 inches tall, from the heel to the top of the back of the shoes.


And then we have the pincushion area itself. It's made of red and white gingham fabric that has been 'aged'. I have inserted various straight pins, a large sewing needle with heavy thread, and two vintage buttons that are held in place with a straight pin. There's also a very rusted safety pin.



After completing the shoes, my husband and I were preparing them for pictures.
We lit a candle and as we brought the camera into focus, look what popped up!
Apparently, during the night, a small furry mouse took residence under the pincushion area of the other shoe. He seems to have lifted the pincushion fabric and let his tail come out to rest on the shoe.
How on earth did he get past my two cats?
(please tell me you realize this is a FAKE mouse)

Obviously, I HAD to add a touch of my own ideas on these shoes with the mouse, even if I did use a great Netty LaCroix pattern.

Thank you, Netty, you're a real asset to the primitive lovers of the world.



Copyright November 23, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander



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