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The old Gypsy Witch had lived by herself for as long as anyone could remember. She stayed to herself and bothered no one.

Everyone knew of her special powers. She was The Gypsy Witch....the keeper of spells, magic, and enchantment.
She also read the Tarot Cards for anyone who asked. They'd come to her enchanting little cottage in the woods late at night, usually during the full of the moon.
She always believed her powers were stronger during full moons.
It's true!

It was sometime late last year when the village folks began to notice that the Gypsy Witch hadn't been around. The snowfall had made a pure white blanket over her rounded-roof house. It seemed to lock all the mysteries and secrets of the Gypsy Witch under it's purity.

As the snow began to melt away, the winter-slept 'items' began to emerge. The lawn furniture revealed itself. The bird bath filled with melting puddles of snow, and the potted plants and herb garden showed promise of a new season of growth.
The windows lost their frost and soon the enchanting cottage looked warm and inviting again.
But nothing on the property stirred. The Gypsy Witch hadn't been seen sweeping her small porch in ages.
The Crows no longer gathered in the yard or the trees.
Even her cat-familiars hadn't been seen curled up in the sun.
Something was dreadfully wrong.

The villagers became concerned and began to gather at the old cottage. They were milling around with low whispers and speculations. Several people could be seen pointing here and there, and still others were peering into the windows, afraid to come closer.

No one remembers who opened the door or who entered the cottage first, but others soon followed. They stood very still in the middle of the cottage, afraid to disturb the Gypsy Witch's belongings.

Eventually curiosity got the best of them and a small group of silent observers filled the front room. They didn't see any of the belongings of the Witch...the magic things...the things they ALL had come to see.

After everyone seemed satisfied with finding nothing of value, they left....all except for one young girl.
She knew that there was more than what met the eye. After all, she was a fledgling Witch herself and she understood the need for secrecy of a Witch's tools and wares.

She spent a lot of time wandering around quietly in the Witch's cottage and eventually found herself in front of a small wooden table. There was something very odd about the huge book that was sitting upon it....something out-of-place.


It was getting dark outside, so she lit the candles that were beside the big 'book'.
Sure enough, as the girl went to leaf through the book, the lid came open.
There it was the Holy Grail of the Witch's possessions.
Secret things were kept in that wonderful box....a box that was made to look like an antique book.
How clever.

The 'receptacle of magic' was made of wood. It measured 13 inches by 9 inches, and 5 inches tall.


And just as the girl lit the candles and realized that the book was indeed a secret box, a black Raven flew in through the open window and landed beside the box. But there was something about him that let her know that he wasn't threatening.
(yes, he's included with the box, but the candles are not included)

The secret box was opened and the girl stood in amazement.
She had never seen so many wonderful things that delighted her eyes. She could only guess as to the magic inside that box.
But she didn't have to guess for long....she began to take the items out and set them down in front of the box, pondering over each thing.


One of the first things she saw when the box was opened was the inside of the lid. It was ornate with the Witch's trinkets and paper keepsakes. And the trinkets had been hand-stitched into place on a large piece of black cardboard.

The first things the girl removed from the box were the various papers that were rolled into scrolls and secured with black Raffia. There was also an array of cards and poison labels and other miscellaneous papers.
And look!.... an image of Edgar Allan Poe, and a Palm Reader's diagram, as well as a picture of a young girl.
Could it have been a picture of the Gypsy Witch as a young girl?
The girl was delighted to also find a small Fortune Teller's book and a deck of still-sealed Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards.

The girl carefully lifted out a small faded black baby shirt that was folded and tied with a delicate black ribbon. And with the baby shirt was a single black rose.
She couldn't help but to think of a tragic loss at some point in the Witch's life.
She grew sad to think about it.
Just then a pleasing aroma wafted to her was coming from the small red bag.
It was just what she needed to bring her back to the task at hand.


More items were removed from the box and sat in small groups. The first group included small glass vials and a tiny jar filled with 'worry dolls'.


Another grouping of interesting items were lifted from the box. Included in this group was a black wooden Mortar and Pestle.
The girl's eyes widened as she held a blue glass orb.
What magical properties did THIS hold?
There was also a very heavy silver tea-light candle holder. This was obviously used many times in rituals.
And then the girl carefully held the glass bottle labeled 'Belladonna'.


The next thing the girl lifted from the special box was a small handmade leather book.
The small book, which held aged paper pages, was probably the Gypsy Witch's Grimoire, or Book Of Shadows.
Who knows the secrets she could record in a book like that?



Next she removed what looked to be another book, but it was yet another secret container. There were a few things tucked inside the book-box.


Another grouping of special items were taken from the box and displayed on the table. There was a small wooden box of Blueberry Tea, as well as a mesh tea-ball. It was very well-known that the Gypsy Witch loved her Blueberry Tea.

There was also a cute Witch Shoe pincushion.
The villagers received little Witch Shoes like this as gifts when the Witch made them several years back. She had used a Netty LaCroix pattern to make them.

Next was a little set of trinket boxes. One of the trinket boxes held some of the Witch's jewelry....different 'cross' necklaces. The round wooden box held some odds and ends, and the little black 'distressed' wooden box held a little sewing kit, complete with a tiny wicker basket pincushion with a spider-web top.
The girl knew she'd have a great time sorting through all the tiny treasures.


Next, the girl held the small authentic New Orleans Voodoo doll. She couldn't help but to wonder if it had ever been used on anyone.


The last two items were taken from the box.
One of them was a Heart In Hand pincushion. The girl remembered seeing the scroll that told of the story behind the Heart In Hand 'greeting' that Witches say to one another.
And the last item was a black 'divorce' candle. It's purpose is to help people with their divorce, or to help them heal after the divorce.
I was soooooo tempted to keep this candle for myself!

At last all the special items were out of the box and sitting on the table.
The bird came back and rested in the empty box.

Before leaving, the girl sat and thought of the special box of secrets and treasures and how she could take them home without anyone ever knowing of their existence.
Hmmmm....since they were in a box that looked like a book, perhaps she could hide it in plain sight. After all, she'd be telling the truth if she said the book merely meant that she was studying!
She would keep the box of secrets for a while, and then she'd pass them on to someone else.

No one ever knew what happened to the Gypsy Witch. She never returned to the little cottage. It was speculated that perhaps she went away to die...or maybe she got a 'calling' to be somewhere else for a while.
The biggest mystery now is to see where this special box will end up.


Copyright September 9, 2004 Cathy Palmer- Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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Also, a special thanks to Julie!


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