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Primitive Cat Hater Doll!




In the very deepest, darkest corner of Boiling Springs, there stood a small, run-down animal shelter. It was owned by a mean old man named Scrooge. He didn't care about the animals, he only cared about the money he could skim from the books and donations.

You see, after Scrooge was redeemed in the movies and he began to love Christmas, he went into another business venture.......animals. He knew that many people made donations and that meant MONEY.

Even when Scrooge was a child, he didn't take very good care of the animals. He had a little black and white kitty when he was about 12 years old......but because of neglect, little Simon didn't make it through the winter. The incident never even bothered the conscience of Scrooge.
Nothing penetrated that heavy, dark heart.

When Scrooge first opened the animal shelter, he didn't care which homes the animals were placed in. He didn't even insist that they be spayed and neutered so as to stop indiscriminate breeding.
If any person off the street wanted a pet, as long as they left a donation, he let them have the pet of their choice.

Unfortunately, this meant that many animals were placed into undesirable poor little Cecil.....the first kitty Scrooge gave away. He didn't have the proper vaccinations and he wasn't even neutered. Cecil was merely another black and white kitty that was just tossed away to any ol' family who came through the door.
Something tells me that Scrooge had something against black and white cats.

It was finally 'that time of year' again.....Catmas.
Scrooge hated Catmas with a passion, and especially Catmas Eve.......when all the kitties came out and sang all night long!
Cats everywhere would gather in alleys and door stoops and they'd sing and and ask for treats.

Old Scrooge would hurry home on this night and try not to look or listen to the kitty's songs. He'd walk swiftly and stare at the ground and under his breath he'd say, "Bah! Cat Rugs!"
Scrooge saw them as little more than an annoyance and would call Animal Control on all the cats every year.
He referred to all kitties as treat-ho's.


Scrooge was a tall man......about 27 inches tall. And his ominous clothing made him appear to be dark and dreary. He wore black pants and a heavily stained white shirt with a black scarf around his neck. He also wore a black flannel coat with a slight black cotton cape near the top of his coat.
Many women were afraid of Scrooge, as his clothing put them in mind of Jack The Ripper.

Scrooge had white hair and slightly gray bushy sideburns. His eyebrows were grayish-white and they made him look angry.

His vintage button eyes looked dim, under those cloth eyelids. His nose was long and crooked and his twisted mouth was a red potpourri flower.
It was always gnarled up in a permanent sneer.


Even his hands were scary and no one ever wanted to shake hands with him. He constantly wore his black gloves.

And here it was........Catmas Eve. It was snowing, and little kitties everywhere were cold. But when Scrooge got home, he shut his huge wooden door and he shut out all thoughts of the cold kitties.....
.....out of sight, out of mind.

Scrooge settled into his easy-chair and sipped on some hot Blueberry Tea. He listened to the crackling of the fire in the massive Granite stone fireplace. He could hear the wind whistling through the window cracks......and soon, these sounds lulled Scrooge to sleep.

Scrooge awoke to strange sounds. It was faint, at first, as though someone were calling his name in a barely audible whisper. The voice got louder and louder and then suddenly there appeared......a.........a.........GHOST!

He knew it looked familiar and then it dawned on was Simon.....his childhood cat!

Simon......The ghost of Cats Past.

Simon had come to haunt Scrooge and to show him the error of his ways in the past. Simon was to show Scrooge that his neglectful ways cost his pet kitty his proved to be very telling of the sort of man he'd grow up to be.

Scrooge was horrified and scared. He felt a tremendous wave of guilt coming over him.
He felt ashamed and begged the ghost of Simon to leave him in peace.

Scrooge found himself waking up and mumbling. He was relieved to know it was all just a dream. So he dozed back off to sleep.

Soon there was another sound, much like the first one, and it woke Scrooge from his sleep. The voice got louder and louder and then it appeared.....another ghost.... and it looked familiar, too.

Then he remembered. It was the first kitty he gave away at the animal shelter, un-neutered and without the proper vaccinations.

The ghost of Cats Present.

The ghost of Cecil was there to haunt Scrooge and to show him that he's still neglectful and needs to be aware of the repercussions of his actions........

Apparently, Cecil ended up in an old shack and had fathered over 7,000 kittens......most were feral and none had been properly vaccinated or neutered.
And to make matters worse, Cecil had 8 cat-sluts living with him and they were all pregnant.

Again, Scrooge was horrified at what he saw and he swore to look into a good spay / neuter program during routine adoptions at the animal shelter. He was begging the ghost of Cecil to leave him in peace.

Once again, ol' Scrooge was waking up and sweating and he thought to himself, " was only a dream." He wiped the sweat from his bushy eyebrows, relieved.

He went back to sleep. This time, Scrooge was awakened by a howling wind....and it busted the glass in the tall windows and filled his room with the cold night air. Tree branches were thrusting their way through the windows and the curtains danced wildly in the wind.
Scrooge grew cold and scared. He clutched the front of his clothes, knelt down at his chair, and tried to warm himself......but to no avail.
He was chilled to his marrow.
It was only now that Scrooge was beginning to understand what the poor little cold kitties felt like as they hunkered down to warm themselves in alleys near the dumpsters.

Scrooge then heard the sound of yet another ghost....and this one was scarier than the others had been.
It suddenly appeared as a Grim Reaper!
This was to be .....

The Ghost Of Cats Future!

It was hideous to look at. He was gold-tone in color and carried a lantern. He was a skeleton, yet had the face of a black and white cat and he was wearing a hooded cloak. He didn't speak a word.
The Grim Reaper ghost motioned for Scrooge to follow him. Soon they were flying in the air, only to have suddenly stopped at a grave yard. They were standing behind the trees, listening to several kitties having a conversation and laughing. They were laughing at Scrooge. They were gathered around and laughing

The grave of Scrooge!!!!


Scrooge was stunned, shocked, devastated!
Kitties were gathered at his grave and treating it like a litter box.
If Scrooge didn't change his neglectful ways, he'd end up like this......he would be little more than a cat's dumping grounds.

Scrooge got down on his knees and pleaded with the Grim Reaper to please make this unpleasant scene go away. He didn't want to be treated like this, or thought of in that way.
Scrooge begged and swore that if all of this didn't happen to him, he'd take all the kitties from the animal shelter home with him and he'd spoil them all the days of their lives. He swore to have them all properly vaccinated and spayed and neutered, and to periodically check for ear mites and tapeworm, due to ingesting a flea from an intermediate host in the form of a flea bearing mammal.

Just then, Scrooge woke up.....had this been a dream, too?
He was laying in the floor, busted glass everywhere, from where a tree limb shattered the glass from a window during the snowstorm. The room was cold, but he felt a strange sensation on his was a little black and white kitten.....and it had apparently entered his home through the broken was purring and licking his hand.

In that very instant, Scrooge swept the kitten up in his arms and cradled him. He placed the black and white kitten in a bird's nest basket that had a bedding of Spanish Moss. The kitten now had a warm place to lay and rest.
The kitten looked up at him and 'slow-blinked'.
The heart of Scrooge grew light, tears streamed down his smiling face, and he felt an overwhelming fondness for kitties.

Scrooge rushed outside and let all the alley cats into his home. He went to the animal shelter and brought all the cats home with him to live. Then he went to the store and had a merry ol' time stocking up on Pounce, hair-ball remedy, and furry toy mice!

From that day forward, old Scrooge had the best cat house in town!!

Of course, Scrooge is now on Xanax and Prosom sleeping pills, and they make him sleep really sound at night.
He has a deep fear of falling asleep and being haunted by the ghosts of OTHER mistakes and character flaws that he may have.
But, bless his heart, he loves Catmas, kitties, and Christmas....and that's the stuff Catt stories are made of.

No kitties were harmed in the telling of this story.


Copyright October 16, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander



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