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Rosemary's Baby's Keepsake Basket!


"Little Prince Of Darkness"


Needless to say, this is a one of a kind. I don't always have the same items to be able to reproduce these theme baskets, but I do the best I can.
It actually takes me about as long to put these baskets together as it does to make one of my dolls, maybe even longer in some cases, but I love every minute of it.

We begin this story with the sounds of Mia Farrow 'doing' the theme song to Rosemary's Baby..... la la la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaa....

Her son is grown and gone and the world has suffered greatly because of that fact.

Still, an aging Rosemary climbs the crooked stairs to her attic. She smells the dried attic-wood as she ascends higher and higher into the dusty old room. She lightly feels the lathing strips on the walls with her frail fingers, keeping her balance and choosing her steps carefully.
She enjoys coming here...the room of quiet memories. She breathes the stale's the perfume of the past.

From the corner of her eye she sees the grand black travel trunk. It holds all the relics of her youth. It also contains the keepsakes from her baby's infancy.
That's the memories she has chosen to relive today.

As she opens the trunk.... the 'coffin' of her past... the dust particles dance like tiny fairies that were summoned to herald forth better days.

She reaches into the travel trunk and carefully removes her most valuable possession....a 14 inch long by 9 inch wide black wicker basket. It was a 'keepsake' that was given to her by her neighbors on the day her son was born.
Rosemary kept all her treasured mementoes in the basket.
This item is a much deeper black in real life than it shows in the pictures.

As soon as the basket was placed on the floor, a black Crow flew around in the room and landed beside the basket. He was a big boy....about 14 inches long, from beak to tail, and about 5 inches wide.
He has always lived in the house.

The beautiful black basket brought a smile to Rosemary's face. The silk-illusion netting looked like a soft black cloud that surrounded those memories. The back of the basket is where the netting was tied down. The black rose and ribbons added a nice touch to the entire look.




Rosemary lifted the black netting from the basket and right away she noticed the three ceramic black angels that stood 'guard' over the contents. There was a black angel under each handle and one at the hood section.


A tear came to Rosemary's eyes as she inspected the baby announcement. It was a black card and on the front was a metal ornament hand-stitched into place. It was so appropriate for the occasion. It also made the card feel very heavy in her hands.
She opened the card and read it's contents. She shook her head slowly and sighed at her youth.
She was so happy as a young mother, eventually.

Next she smiled at the little nightstand candle. It was of a scary cat and it's broom. Inside of the candle holder was a black votive candle. It wasn't that her son was afraid of the dark, he was merely fascinated with the fire.


The next thing Rosemary saw was the small leather book of Grim & Evil Tales. She had a lot of wonderful memories with this little hand-made red leather book. The onion skin pages had aged through the years.

Suddenly more tears welled in Rosemary's eyes. She saw the little pincushion that she used when mending her son's baby clothes. Rosemary had her own pincushion. But the pincushion for her son was of a little black cloven hoof. It sat on two small aged wooden spools and the top of the cushion looked like a spider web. There were some black-headed straight pins and her sewing needle still in the cushion.
It was so touching to see it after all these years.

Rosemary sighed as she saw her son's tiny vintage black baby gown. It was faded, but it was still cute with it's little breast pocket. His little black knit baby mittens were still with the shirt. He had to wear them to keep from scratching his face with his hooves.
The items were gently tied with black satin ribbon.

Rosemary reached deeper into the basket and her hand hit the inverted cross that hung down. She smiled as it rocked back and forth. It was hanging from a huge cloth black 'horn'.
The dangling cross looked as though it were hanging from the finger of Satan himself.

She had to laugh as she looked at her son's first toys. He loved his black HellCat demon kitty with the black dress and the black wings. It had a little metal demon charm, too.
His other favorite toy was his very dirty teddy bear with the dark circles around his eyes.
The teddy bear was so Goth.


Rosemary sat a small container in her lap and found her hand at the bottom of the basket. The little black satin padding was still intact and looked like it was brand new. There was aged lace hand-stitched around the pad and it was 'tucked' with tiny real bone skulls. There was also a motif of a spider and it's web hand-stitched in the center.
You might think that it would be very uncomfortable for a baby to sleep on, but then, you didn't raise Rosemary's baby.


Finally Rosemary inspected the contents of a small black paper box. The top of the box read Nefarious Tokens. There was a small ceramic 'devil head' bead that was hand-stitched to the top of the box, as well.
There was lots of memories in this box.



More tears could be felt in Rosemary's eyes as she fingered the tiny black-bead bracelet that belonged to her son. It simply read Rosemary's Baby.
Next she saw the little blue ceramic devil-head was given to him by the neighbors when he received his first 'unholy water'. There was also a miniature Holy Bible, a skull, some smooth black Hell-rocks and look!....her son's first baby tooth. It measures about 1 7/8 inches long....bless his little heart.
There's also a lock of his black wooly goat-like hair tied in black satin ribbon.

There were a few other odds and ends left in the box, but the memories were becoming over-whelming to Rosemary. She would have to look at them at another time.

Rosemary knows her days are numbered and she needs to make arrangements for her treasured keepsake basket. It needs to stay in a home that appreciates the wonderful memories of a time in her life, and the life of Rosemary's baby. la la la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaa....


Copyright February 8, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the demon pendant that I used on the birth announcement and the demon charm on the cat doll.


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