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awwwww.....what a disturbing little Gothic girl SHE is.

The mother of Raven Cinders was very shocked to see her little girl develop into her own personality...her own fashion sense....her own accessories.
A Gothic baby was born.
Perhaps the oddest things about it all is that Raven Cinders' mother isn't Goth.
It depressed her greatly.
This thrilled Raven Cinders.
Raven's mother needed some space. She needed to sort the situation out.
Raven felt ignored.


One evening, around midnight, Raven's mother came into her room. Raven had been screaming a lullaby.
There sat Raven....but when she stood she was 30 inches tall.
She was sitting on the floor holding her mother's bunny.
You see, ignoring Raven Cinders is the beginning of having your bunny boiled, just like in Fatal Attraction.

The mother noticed that Raven was dressed in her favorite clothes. She was wearing black satin sleeves and bloomers. And overtop was a vintage baby gown that Raven had dyed black.


She also noticed the jewelry Raven was wearing. She wore a beautiful ornate cross necklace. She was also wearing a black bead baby bracelet that spelled out the name Raven Cinders.


Also, Raven had stitched a tiny real bone skull on the appliqué on the yoke of her baby dress. And around her neck was her favorite Raven choker of black satin ribbon and a black resin Raven.

Raven's legs were nicely shaped and able to bend. And that's good because obviously Raven had to bend them in order to put on her favorite black Mary Jane shoes.


Raven's mother had to take a step back when she saw that Raven had applied black eye shadow around her beautiful blue eyes. And her Polymer clay mouth was black as pitch.


But thank GOD her beautiful brown hair hadn't been dyed...yet. She did place a black satin bow in her hair, though.


Raven's mother also noticed a black wooden block. It had a red letter "G" in the middle.
It stood for GOTH.

However, as cute as all this is to us, Raven's mother has to put her up for adoption. She's afraid of Raven Cinders, as she should be.
Besides, Raven keeps filling a huge pot with water to boil and humming tunes from Madam Butterfly.

Copyright © July 4, 2005 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander

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