The Catt Box

Raisin Bread!


Raisin Ho'. One night my husband and I went to Sam's Wholesale. I spied a double pack of raisin bread and HAD to have some. It had been a long time since I've had raisin bread in the house and I just couldn't resist it.

So, the next morning, I decided to eat some raisin bread. I had forgotten all about how much the boys LOVED raisins. And sure enough, here they came.....begging me for raisins.

I mean, why do I even bother to try to eat raisin bread? I can't have the raisins. I end up sitting here picking raisins out of the bread and feeding them to the Raisin-Ho's. And they eat them as fast as I can pick them out.





Both of the boys eat raisins, but Simon wouldn't deal with the camera that morning.


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