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Primitive Evil Raggedy Ann Killing Doll!


"InkuDeath and Tragedy Ann"

In case you missed out on the others, here is another of the Raggedy Ann Killer Dolls.
I'm the original designer and creator of the Raggedy Ann Killer dolls. This one has been 'Gothed'.
The Raggedy Ann lovers hate me, and the message boards will be shredding me, again, but nevertheless, in spite of the sacrilege, here's the story behind the evil.....
....special thanks to all the Raggedy Ann lovers who have written and who totally see the HUMOR in this doll, and didn't have a melt-down......OVER A DOLL.

This isn't a story for the squeamish. If you love Raggedy Ann, you should avert your eyes from this story immediately.
There is no happy ending here.

I'll be the first to admit that I've never been a big fan of the Raggedy Ann dolls. She just didn't 'do it' for me. As a matter of fact, I didn't have a lot of dolls growing up. I liked Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, and things like that.

But don't get me wrong........I respect those who DO like Raggedy Ann. Some of my best friends had Raggedy Ann dolls when I was growing up. My cousins practically worshipped them.
And I even have doll-maker friends who MAKE Raggedy Ann dolls.

Personally, I liked dolls that were more 'realistic' a G.I.Joe or a Lisa Littlechap doll.
But I kept my opinions to myself whenever I'd see a friend or family member loving all over their Raggedy Ann dolls.

The other day, I was making a regular Goth doll and set her aside. I made the doll rather basic and wanted to wait before adding the 'personality'. I thought nothing of it. I do this all the time.

But while working on my doll one night, my husband was looking at other dolls on eBay.....and he noted how many Primitive Raggedy Ann dolls there were. He remarked that they must really be popular. So, I decided to try my hand at making a few Primitive Raggedy Ann dolls.

I decided to make the dolls smaller, to see how they would go over. They were made to stand about 13 inches tall, including her hair. So, just as I had done with the larger dolls, I finished my little Gaggedy Bland dolls, as I had decided to name them, and I set them aside, planning to give them a personality later on.
Little did I know of the horrors that would soon take place.

Later that night, after drifting off to sleep, I heard a noise that woke me. I assumed my cats were playing again, or getting into something that was forbidden.
This happens almost nightly.

However, when I got up that next morning I was shocked at my discovery. Nothing had prepared me for what I was about to see.
My cats hadn't caused the disturbance that night, they had witnessed it.
A dreadful double murder had taken place.

Hanging in the computer room, where I left her that night, was my new Goth doll. And in her delicate right hand she was holding a a dead Gaggedy Bland doll from a noose in their hands!


And that's not the worst of it!!
Jutting out of each of the bodies of those Gaggedy Bland dolls was a small wooden black handled knife!! And there was doll blood on the little aprons. And their eyes were now little 'X's'..........they was DEAD.
It's true.
That's when I decided that my murdered Gaggedy Blands should now be named Tragedy Ann.
I also knew that the Goth doll should be named InkuDeath. She wears clothes as black as ink, but now that she was a murderer, I added the word death to her name.
The dolls and the horrors of that night would be forever known as

InkuDeath And Tragedy Ann.

I mean, InkuDeath didn't even try to look innocent. She seemed rather proud of what she had done. I guess she certainly showed ME what she thought of Primitive Raggedy Ann dolls. She seemed happy to be holding one of the murdered dolls from her hand.

And as if it isn't bad enough to know that my little Primitive Tragedy Ann dolls were murdered, imagine the devastation Cecil and Simon endured as they watched the ghastly scene played out right in front of them.
Those poor boys.....they hid themselves and watched. When I found them, Cecil was still on the other side of his pet door and Simon was in a state of shock and horror.
They are both on Xanax now, and therapy begins next Tuesday.

So, I have no choice, I have to find a new home for this murdering Goth doll right now.
It seems that with my other Goth dolls there could be that 'pack mentality' going on.
I mean, if it's just the one Goth doll here, nothing happens.....but when several 'murderous minds' get together, nothing but pure and evil HELL breaks loose.
I think my dolls are plotting to do away with all the 'mainstream-peach-people' dolls in my house.

InkuDeath. Can you think of a better name for this killer? She stands about 27 inches tall. She's wearing a solid black cotton dress and matching black pantaloons. Black satin ribbon is used to tie the sleeves and pantaloons into place.

An inverted cross hangs from her neck.

She also wears a pair of Mary Jane Patent Leather shoes and heavily stained socks.


InkuDeath's entire body is tea-stained Muslin fabric and her hair is made of Alpaca roving. She also has thin dark eyebrows that accent her 'mean look'.


Her eyes are yellow with half-closed eyelids, and her nose has been sculpted. She has an evil grimace on her face..........her black potpourri flower mouth seems to have been frozen into the awful smile she wore as she plunged her knife into the stuffed, innocent body of that defenseless Tragedy Ann doll.
....bless her little heart....

And that brings us to the Primitive Tragedy Ann herself........ She wears a red white and green 'ticking fabric' dress. It had been a brand new dress......and sadly, it's the last dress she'll ever have.......
(shaking my head in disgust)

The deceased also wears white pantaloons that have the legs tied down. Her legs are made from red and white 'ticking' fabric. She stands (or should I say 'dangles') about 13 inches tall.

She's attached to a jute 'noose'.
She has red stiffened hair, a red triangle nose, and just before she was murdered she had small buttons for her eyes, but now they are little black 'X's'....the true sign of doll-death.......tsk!

And, last but not least, we have the little apron........the tell-tale area of the murder itself. It was white, but now has red 'doll blood' splashed onto it. There's also a wooden handled knife sticking out of the apron, planted deep into the gaping wound of her mid section. I left the knife in, just to keep the stuffing from spilling out everywhere.....I'm sure you understand.

And Tragedy Ann isn't stuffed quite as firmly as InkuDeath because.......well... she's dead.

It would be so great if you could provide a home for InkuDeath and her dangling Tragedy Ann doll. I have to get her away from the other dolls, just in case she discovers that she doesn't like them. I can't allow for my dolls to get murdered, or my cats to be traumatized again.

And, as with all of my dolls, I suggest that you don't display them in a bedroom. There is nothing scarier than a doll in the the dark.... with a knife.

The little knife on this tag is 'sterling silver'.


Copyright September 4, 2003 and January 18, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the 'inverted cross' pendant and the little 'sterling silver knife' on the paper tag.


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