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Primitive Evil Devil Doll!


"Raggedy Hell"


Did you ever wonder what happened to some of the dolls that 'don't make it'? Or dolls that were 'bad' and had to be destroyed? They end up with Raggedy Hell.
But this sort of Doll Hell isn't confined to just bad Raggedy Ann dolls. Oh,'s reserved for all the bad dolls of the doll world.

Doll Hell is swarming with Barbie dolls that gloated over their own beauty.
I mean, it wasn't Lisa Littlechap's fault that she was wide-hipped. But there was Barbie, mocking her and laughing at her.
Barbie also rejected the advances of G.I. Joe. She said he was too short. He also had a lot of loose joints and a thick neck.
But, for reasons unknown, Barbie would rather be seen with the likes of Ken and his Planet-Of-The-Apes hair and black molestin' slippers than with a real man doll.
(rolling my eyes)

There are other dolls in Doll Hell, as well. There are dolls that made fun of the bed-wetting dolls, like Betsy Wetsy.
Chatty Cathy was made fun of, as well. It's not her fault she was loquacious. It was merely a sales gimmick. But Chatty Cathy was also suffering from Hypergraphia...she was a talker. It's a mental illness....certainly not fodder for other dolls to feed off of.

So, all the dolls that made fun of her ended up going to Doll Hell, and they were escorted by Raggedy Hell, the lead member of the minion of evil dolls.



Raggedy Hell is like the Grim Reaper for bad dolls that go to Doll Hell.
When Raggedy Hell shows up in a home, the dolls KNOW they are done for.
She stands about 28 inches tall, not including her black horns.

And she's completely red....from her head right down to her hands.


Of course, when Raggedy Hell first arrives, the bad dolls don't notice why she's there. After all, she walks into the room on a sassy pair of black Patent Leather shoes. She's a little bit 'Goth', but very well dressed in her red cotton dress, red pantaloons, red and white ticking legs, and those delicious shoes.
No matter what your job is, there's no sense in dressing badly.
See, I didn't say she was from Fashion Hell....Fashion Hell is reserved for celebrities.


Raggedy Hell has big scary yellow eyes and a grimace on her face. Her hair is the color of flames.....a hint of things to come for bad dolls.


And just in case there's any confusion among 'the pretty dolls' and to who she is, Raggedy Hell dons a creepy ceramic devil head bead.


Raggedy Hell also has a red bifurcated tail. With one whip of that tail a bad doll is felled to the floor. They have no clue what hit 'em because dolls don't usually have tails.



Then, once the bad doll is down, Raggedy Hell will 'harvest' the bad doll with her small pitchfork.

This is, without a doubt, Raggedy Hell's favorite part of the doll-gleaning.
Some people really enjoy their work.


How have your own dolls been behaving? Do you see your pretty dolls mocking and making sport of defenseless 'unusual' dolls in your home? Are you in need of some doll-gleaning? Perhaps you would like a visit from Raggedy Hell...just to keep things in line....just to put things back into perspective.
I mean, how do you think I keep all of MY dolls from fighting?


Copyright April 28, 2004 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander



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