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Large Rabbit Doll in Black Halloween Moon and Star Vest



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Large Bunny Rabbit Sitting Doll!

I've only made two of these Halloween Rabbits for this year.


I love these large bunny rabbit dolls. He's here in time for your Halloween decorations.
This Bunny Rabbit is about 22 inches tall, in a sitting position, from his foot to his tall 'blushed' ears.

He's made of nubby fabric, stuffed, is weighted on his bottom so he sits VERY well wherever you put him, and he even has a tail. I didn't get a picture of it.


His vest is orange with black cats and lined with spider web fabric, and a big yellow button for decoration. He also wears some 'natural' raffia around his neck as a little collar. And his tag says it all...BOO!


His eyes are beady, and black, so he's not suitable for small children. He even has some stiffened whiskers and blush on his cheeks and insides of his ears.

I have one of these bunnies and he sits all over the place in my living room. I'm always changing where he sits and posing his legs to criss cross or cross at the knees, or just swinging from a high shelf. It's fun to move him around.

Copyright March 1, 2010 Catt Alexander



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