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'Our Big Adventure!'


Our big adventure lasted from September 21st - October 2, 2000....and here's how we did it and what we experienced. At the bottom of the page is a table of contents....listing all the pages of this trip...this way you know how many pages are included in this section. Also, I provided website links to a lot of the places I discussed, places we visited, etc. 

I really loved this trip. Sadly, Les and I are now divorced. We were still married when I wrote this chapter of my website. But nothing or no one can take away how awesome this trip was for us. We really, really enjoyed it. 

Keep in experience was in SOUTHERN California...I know that NORTHERN  California is totally different. So, my trip assessment, as much as I loved it, is about SOUTHERN California....Please, people, don't think that you have to inform me that there is a difference...I am aware of it.

We had a tight schedule and saw most everything through the windshield of our van...and that's how a good many pictures were taken. We did not have the time to constantly get out of the van, set up the tripod, and take our time taking pictures. Besides, being on the 'shoulder' of a busy interstate while taking pictures is too dangerous. So, please bear with us and appreciate that we are 'showing' you our vacation as we saw it. We took about 18 rolls of film but I'm only putting up a representation of some of the things we sense in trying to put them all on my site, right?

All total we drove through and / or visited the following 14 states....North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas,, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, on this adventure.

Now, before I get started on telling you everything, let me say this...we are more than aware of all that we could not do. We had to work within a time schedule and our money. For one thing....Les could not take off any more time from work than what he managed to have. He needs to be at his job. He is responsible for several buildings. If it were possible to have had more days, we would have taken them.

We would have loved to have done as much as we wanted to do...but we just couldn't do it all. We talk to lots of people who say we "should have done this" and "should have gone here and there"...but, if we talk to twenty people about this trip, each and every one of them tells us something different about what we should have done.

We lived 'our trip' and what we 'could do'...we could not live everyone else's idea of what this trip should have been. I don't think that a lot of people realize how long it takes to drive this distance and how hard it is to do this pulling a camper. We have to drive no less than 500 miles a day from destination to destination...and then off again to somewhere else. We did the best we could with what we had and where we wanted to go. I don't think we did too bad. We packed a lot into just 11 days. I hate that I've had to defend my own vacation so much, but you know how some folks are.

And, please remember that I am a double amputee...I am limited in how much I can do in a day. If I over-do it...I can ruin the rest of my vacation. I am in wooden legs, with wool a comfortable do you think I was? So, I have to be careful to not get over-heated. I cannot walk as far or as long as 'normal people', 'doing everything' is easier said than done, for me. Please keep in mind that I am limited.

Here's how it all happened....

On Tuesday, August 29, 2000, the idea for the 'big adventure' was born. Les and I were on our way to supper and he said, "Now....this is just a thought, but ....why don't we take all that change we've been saving and go out to The Grand Canyon?"

"Okay!!"  (like he really had to work hard to convince me!)

And in exactly 23 days we were on our way. We bought our first camper on August 8, 2000. It was a used one...having bought it from my in-laws. But it was in great shape. This was to open a whole new door to us....camping. We had a great time shopping and fixing the camper up the way we wanted. I immediately made all new curtains and Les and I both did lots of little things to make it 'homey'. These are a few pictures of the camper.

camper.jpg (31792 bytes) kitchen_area_1.jpg (26517 bytes) dining_area_1.jpg (29441 bytes)

appliances_galore_1.jpg (23471 bytes) part_of_the_bathroom_1.jpg (17784 bytes) camper_bedroom_1.jpg (22612 bytes)

all_the_change.jpg (15035 bytes)


On Labor Day weekend Les and I went camping at Lake Lure, North Carolina to plan our trip and etch it in stone. We figured out some good vacation time and some of the sites we wanted to see. As we talked, the trip grew and grew. When we returned home we got right on our computers and began to do some research on where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see. The internet was a tremendous help...we got an idea on prices and decided right away that we would stay at the KOA's that are all along the way. The great thing about those campgrounds is that they provide a night registration. A lot of RV parks close at a certain time of the evening and lock a gate...but KOA stays unlocked and you can pull in any time of the night.

A good tip is to visit a KOA and get a free Camper's Guide, which shows you where all the KOA's are and wonderful directions on how to get there. That is a great help in mapping out how far you want to travel. And KOA's have full hook-ups...and some have cable for your TV....I love that.

You can stop by a KOA and pick up a free Directory Road Atlas And Camping Guide, or you can send $3.00 (shipping charges) to the following address and they will send you one:

Kampgrounds Of America, Inc. 

Executive Offices

Billings Montana  59114-0558


Another big help is to go to the internet and look up the Rand McNally can type in your destinations and print out detailed maps and also see what the mileage is, among other things. 

On September 21st, 2000, at 5:05 in the afternoon, we took pictures of ourselves and then we were off on our big adventure.....

travelin_les.jpg (13600 bytes) travelin_catt.jpg (17832 bytes)

We figured that we could get a good five or six hour head start on our vacation by not waiting till the next morning to we headed to Nashville, Tennessee....and stayed at the KOA. We were right up the street from the Grand Ole Opry House. While reading the campground rule sheet we noticed that it warned of 'aggressive squirrels'. We saw no aggressive squirrels. 

However, we did get something that ended up saving us an impressive amount of money during this trip....a discount card for KOA's. I recommend one. Though these places are not expensive, they do add up in the savings.

grand_ole_opry_house.jpg (16099 bytes) ready_to_leave_nashville.jpg (22796 bytes) 

After leaving Nashville, we headed for Arkansas...or, as we call it....







The Table Of Contents



Cadillacs And Sunsets

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon 2

Train Robbers And Cowboy Cactus

Las Vegas And Getting Married

California Bound

Hollywood And Los Angeles

Cool Adventures On The Way Back Home

The Things People Don't Tell You (when going across country)