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Evil Goth Snowman Doll!


"Omen The Snowman"


Yes, yet another sacrilege.....I have Goth'd a snowman.
This one is evil and mean.
This isn't a 'feel good' Christmas doll.

It was the first snowfall of the season in New England. The air was crisp and the entire area was white and pure and fresh. The snow had fallen during the night and children everywhere were eager to go outside and play in the snow. They had plans of building forts, having snowball fights, and making snowmen.

But looks can be deceiving when all seems right with the world. There's a 'back story' to the wintry wonderland that few know about, and even fewer talk about.

Little Robert was almost six year old and full of the excitement of the coming season. He loved playing in the snow and building a snowman. He was preparing to go outside with his family when he noticed something odd in the neighbor's yard.
Apparently, in spite of the freshly fallen snow, the neighbors already had a snowman standing in their front yard.
But something seemed very peculiar about him.

Little Robert stared at the strange snowman for a moment before alerting anyone to the oddity. As his parents rushed to the window to see what Robert was talking about, they were startled..... and then a great fear over-took them.
They shrank back from the window, hoping they weren't seen.

Their greatest fears were was not an ordinary was...


Omen The Snowman!

He was the dreaded, evil Anti-Christmas Snowman.
(enter the themes from Psycho, Jaws, Halloween, and Friday The 13th here)

Robert's parents removed their son from the window and 'crossed themselves'. Robert was full of questions and wanted to know why mommy and daddy seemed so afraid of a snowman.
The parents dared not to tell their child of the evil side of winter. They didn't want to ruin all of his young holiday adventures.
When he got old enough and the magic of Christmas and the holiday spirit was left far behind in his youth, THEN they'd explain the legend.

And what a legend it was.
Although it was always kept secret from the children, the older folks of New England knew about the horrors of the infamous Omen Snowman sightings. It was something that you hoped you never had to witness.


But on this wintry morning, the parents of Robert were not the recipients of the evil snowman's curse, but merely it's unwilling witnesses.
They felt relief that the snowman was not standing in their own yard, but they felt great sorrow for the neighbors.
Legend has it that if you see the 29 inch tall Omen Snowman in your own yard, you will have a horrible winter.
Your days would NOT be merry and Bright.
And your Christmases would NOT be white.

While other New Englanders hear the cheerful Christmas Carols sung by friends and neighbors, the 'visited' home of the evil Omen Snowman would hear a different tune, sung by the evil one himself....

I'm scheming for a Black Christmas,
Just like the ones I cursed last year....
With the treetops dying....
And children crying...
They'll hide... praying I'm not near.

I'm scheming of a Black Christmas
For every hopeful girl and boy.
May your days be filled with NO TOYS....
I'll make all your Christmases destroyed.

The Omen Snowman means exactly what his name signifies....omens.
He's a walking omen of what's to come for you. When you look at him, you see all the signs and portents.

He carries a black handled shovel with him.
This is not good.
This means that there's going to be a lot of snow in your area. And not just any'll be snow that is impossible to get rid of. It will turn to ice and look nasty, not beautiful and bright.




There's a 'spray' of holiday decorations on his shovel, too. But it doesn't look like the average decoration.
It's a sign of things to come.
Your greenery will turn black....all of your trees, all of your decorations, even your bells, berries, and pine cones, and small snow-birds, just like in Omen Snowman's decorations....but especially your Christmas will be totally BLACK.
Indeed, in it's own demonic way, Hell HAS frozen over.

Omen Snowman has other signs that can be read. On top of his long stained gown with the huge black buttons, is a hand-crocheted black scarf. This tells you that you are in for an extra cold winter.
Your furnace won't work right, there'll be a natural gas leak so you can't rely on gas heat, and your fire-wood will be soaking wet.
There'll be no heat and warmth for your house




In his black-gloved hand you see that Omen Snowman also carries a black metal lantern with black flowers and even a black candle. This means you'll have many power outages.






You see Omen Snowman's black hat and it's also telling of things to come. There's a 'spray' of black Christmas berries and leaves and also a black spider, which means that your house will become infested with all kinds of creepy creatures as they seek refuge from the harsh winter months in your home.

And did you notice?....Omen Snowman isn't carrying gifts. That's right, you get the'll either get no gifts, or the gifts that you DO get will suck.
You'll end up with the dreaded men's gifts'...
(you know the ones I'm talking hankies, ugly ties, Argyle socks, and Old Spice after-shave)


And let's not forget about counting the Crows. To see one black Crow means bad luck, and Omen Snowman carries one black Crow that rests upon his right wrist.

The never-ending curses and bad luck will stay in your mind as Omen Snowman messes with the Christmas Carols that he sings....

You'll be cursed for Christmas;
You can count on me.
I'll bring snow, and grief and woe,
Bad presents from the tree.

Christmas Eve will find me,
Where the children scream.
I'll destroy your Christmas,
And haunt you in your dreams.


And hanging down from his black scarf is a metal upside-down cross.
There's nothing scarier than seeing the Omen Snowman in your yard, and then turning around to see that all the crosses in your house are upside down.
He is, after all, the Anti-Christmas Snowman.
And your HELL has merely begun.


Looking at the face of such evil is another thing you won't soon forget.
His black eyes glare from beneath heavy eyelids, and you can't really see into his soul because he HAS no soul....not the way WE think of a soul.
And with his eye area being so shadowed and dark, they look like two 'pee' holes in a snow bank.
He also has a long, crooked black flannel nose. His sparse black thread hair sticks out from under his hideous hat.

To see this evil entity in your yard spells disaster for you. And sometimes, you might not see him at all, you might just feel the affects of him being there.

This winter, in various places in New England, many people will peer from the parted curtains on their windows, hoping they never see the Omen Snowman in their yard.

Omen the Snowman,
Was an evil, frightenin' soul,
With a demon cross and a flannel nose,
And two eyes as black as coal.

Omen the Snowman,
Is a scary tale they say,
He was made of snow but the old folks know
How he came to life one day.

There must have been some evil,
In that velvet hat they found,
For when they placed it on his head,
His cross turned upside down.


Omen the Snowman,
was as evil as can be.
If you look outside, better run and hide
If the Omen you do see!

Copyright October 29, 2003 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


Special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the 'upside down' cross.


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