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Gothic Teddy Bear

Wouldn't she make a lovely Valentine's Day gift for someone you love?

...or hate?

I'm sure you know what a nightmare is. And if you have been watching my dolls for the past few years, you might even remember NightMary Fairy.
But have you ever heard of a NightBear?
I didn't think so.

See, if not for me making these dolls and selling them on eBay you'd have NO CLUE as to the dangers in your own bedroom.

The NightBear actually doesn't hurt anyone.
Well, nothing has ever gotten back to me about a NightBear hurting somebody.
But seriously, have you ever laid in your bed in the dark, late at night, waiting to go to sleep?
And then, just as you start to drift off to sleep you hear something moving in your bedroom. Now, logic dictates that you were probably dreaming.
But you're not real sure.

You're wide awake, your heart races, your throat is dry, and your room is very still.

Just then you do the unthinkable. You have the nerve to open your eyes and look at your dolls.
For the love of God, WHY?
Have you not seen a scary movie with a doll in it?
And please tell me it's not one of MY dolls in your bedroom.

You look over and see the outline of the infamous 22 inch tall NightBear. That's right. You are now having a NightBear.
And it's not your parent's NightBear. You're of a whole different generation and your toys are scarier.

Then, as if it were being directed by Tim Burton himself, the NightBear blinked!
She had deep yellow eyes with heavy lids.

Actually, 'heavy' lids is too light of a word. The eyes were dimmed on purpose.
And NightBear's mouth and nose was embroidered into place.
And there was the slightest brushing of blush on the bear cheeks and ears.

Just then, someone else in your house went to the bathroom. The light from under the door was shining into your room....and the light was cast perfectly on NightBear.



The first thing that caught your eye was the sheen on that beautiful spider web apron.
Then a breeze blew through your window and the apron gave way to the bear's dress....but only for a second....then you saw the black pantaloons.

Then another shiny object caught your weary was the NightBear's metal cross pendant.
You felt relieved that the bear was somewhat religious.

You couldn't stand had to see the NightBear.
You turn on your lamp and she wasn't there at all.
But did that mean that she was never there?...or does she merely disappear in the light?
Wanna find out?


Copyright November 10, 2005 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander

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