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Primitive Nick-A-Penny Fambly!




It's summer! It's summer!
Can you imagine the thoughts in the minds of school children everywhere?
Long lazy days of romping in the green grass in the yard.
Hours spent playing and running into the white cotton sheets on the clotheslines.
Sleeping-in every single morning of the week.
And you've never seen anyone MORE upset about it than our own Miss Nick-A-Penny Mammy!

That's right. Summer means a whole different thing to her....and she's not the least bit happy about it. She knows she'll have nothing but endless messes to clean up......more laundry to do........more food to prepare....and let's not forget all the entertainment she'll have to provide. She can only pray that summer passes quickly and the chil'ons will get back in school.

But Nick-A-Penny Mammy has been down this road before, and she's prepared. She's got a nice wooden spoon in her left hand.....and she calls it her 'lickin' stick'.....and any kid that crosses her 'gets it'.

She's already popped several of the chil'ons today......just look at their scared little faces. They know she means business!


She's also armed with spooky stories that surround a big black and white cat that eats all the chil'ons that comes near him......and that he has a whole batch of them ready to eat, at that very moment.....and if the chil'ons dare to leave the yard, the big black and white cat will gobble them up.
Needless to say, this works real well. However, the kids won't detach themselves from her body, for fear of the cat.

All day long, Nick-A-Penny Mammy hears the chil'ons screaming about being bored or wanting to play with 'something else'. They were 'wild as bucks' for the first few days after school ended.......then they grew bored and now they hang off of Nick-A-Penny Mammy like a pack of possums.



She has her wicker basket of toys for the kids. There are two teddy bears and some wooden blocks and wooden beads and a toy rabbit....along with another toy rabbit that hangs from the side of the basket. She has the wicker basket lined with her hand-stitched quilt so she can put the brats down for a nap soon.

And while the moment is quiet and the chil'ons are just staring at you, let's get a good look at Miss Nick-A-Penny Mammy. First of all she's 26 inches tall, not including her 'high hair' of black yarn braids with rags tied in them. She's been painted black and sanded for that 'aged' look.


She has a sculpted nose and miss-matched button eyes. She's also got a mouth made of a generous piece of potpourri flower.......and it's a big 'hollerin' and 'screamin' mouth, at that!.

Nick-A-Penny Mammy is wearing a tan Homespun dress with little blue stars peppered all over it. She's also wearing tea-stained pantaloons with the legs tied down with twine, just like the sleeves of her dress.

That brings us to her heavily tea-stained apron. The top part of the apron is fastened with little wooden clothespins at the top of Nick-A-Penny Mammy's dress. The lower section of the apron has pockets that are used for carrying her chil'ons. Hanging from her apron is her bag of Grits. She fixes Grits for all their meals. She also makes Corn Pones and fat back.


Also hanging from her apron is a little wooden scooter toy that has been painted red and sanded.


The chil'ons. Well, there are four of them. Dangling from a piece of twine on the apron is Tenisha. She's the climber in the family. She's wearing a green plaid Homespun dress.

Next is Penisha....and she's hanging from a patch near the lower part of her Mammy's dress. She was given a little sewing kit to keep her busy. She's been sewing on Nick-A-Penny Mammy's dress. On the upper part of the apron, Penisha stitched a small cotton doily and some old, antique buttons.


On the lower section of Mammy's dress she's stitched some Homespun patches and old buttons, some watermelon slices and a chicken. And just look at that adorable little sewing basket. It's real wicker, and inside is a swatch of fabric, a wooden spool of thread, a tiny green pin cushion, and a few cards of buttons. Penisha is wearing a blue and white print Homespun dress.


Then we have Kenisha....she's in the left pocket of Nick-A-Penny Mammy's apron. She's wearing a red, white, and blue Homespun dress and eating a piece of wooden watermelon. And all those little babies have sticks for arms and twine for legs.

Next we have the little white kid in the apron pocket marked 'whoops'. Nick-A-Penny Mammy would rather not discuss it at this time.

All the chil'ons look scared. And they should be.... they've all been beat with the wooden lickin' stick. They've been fed their Grits and Corn Pones and now they're getting ready to take a nap. They're being punished, so all their toys have been picked up.

Don't you feel sorry for Nick-A-Penny Mammy? It's coming onto August and she's already going crazy trying to entertain Tenisha, Penisha, Kenisha, and the white kid. She'd love a change of scenery and would deeply appreciate it if you'd let her and the chil'ons come live with you.

She keeps a firm grip on her lickin' stick and her mouth is poised for screaming. I would be willing to bet that the chil'ons won't make you crazy, not with Nick-A-Penny Mammy around to tend to them. And she makes great Corn Pones.



Copyright July 30, 2002 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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