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Primitive Nick-A-Penny Fambly!




We left off with Nick-A-Penny, in the first story of this series. Nick-A-Penny deserted her husband, Nick-A-Buck Daddy. She packed up her four chil'ons and moved up to New Jersey, where she finds comfort in a good home.
Nick-A-Buck Daddy found new dwellings, as well, with three of the chil'ons. Nick-A-Mammy Church Lady found a new home to cook and preach in. And now, in part four of this series, we have the teenager Nick-A-Neesha and her chil'ons.

"Lawd hab mercy, gib me strength!"
What a day Nick-A-Neesha is having today!

She's busy with the chil'ons and busy with the chickens and her personal life is in turmoil.....again.

Her best friend.....she's a white girl........anyway, she's going to be on the Jerry Springer Show today and Nick-A-Neesha has agreed to tend to her young'un .

Nick-A-Neesha is quite nervous today......her boyfriend LaShawn is ALSO going to appear on the Jerry Springer Show. Nick-A-Neesha has been grumbling under her breath all day long about it.
A short while ago she stopped in the middle of everything she was that head going....put her finger in the air.......put a hand on her hip and started yelling.....

"I done tole dat man..........he BEST NOT be sayin' he be no woman, or nuttin' like dat.....uh-huh...
He BEST NOT be all up in love wit Miss Thang over dare....uh-huh ...
If dat man embarrass me.....well, he BEST NOT make me haffa put on ma heels and go over dare......uh-huh.......I'll keel dat man dead.......uh-huh......mess wit ME, fool."

And you can believe that Nick-A-Neesha is NOT in the mood to deal with those chil'ons, either. They've been fighting all day and she's already taken that lickin' stick and popped every one of 'em. She keeps it right in her hand.


As you can see, Nick-A-Neesha has the chickens to feed, as well as the chil'ons. Right now they're all eating watermelon, except the white kid.....and after they're finished, she'll put a pin hole in those raw eggs and the chil'ons will suck on them, for protein. The white kid won't eat raw Nick-A-Neesha gave her a clothespin to play with.

Another thing that has Nick-A-Neesha upset is that she has an appointment to get her nails done. She wants those acrylic nails put on. She wants to look good for LaShawn. But, she has no one to watch the chil'ons, so she's stuck at home with them.

But she's spent all morning on her looks. And just look at her. She has her hair braided and put up in that 'Pope hat' hair style. The back of her hair is straight, but she's got that 'bad weave' up as high as it will go.

Nick-A-Neesha has been painted black and sanded down for an aged look. She's about 27 inches tall, including her Pope hat hair.


She has white miss-matched button eyes and a generous piece of red potpourri flower for a mouth. It's a mouth made for screaming and fighting, too.


Nick-A-Neesha is sporting her new earrings. They 'jingle' when she moves and she's hoping that over a period of time, those dangle earrings will stretch the holes in her ear lobes until all her earrings reach her shoulders.



She's wearing a nice green and tan Homespun dress with the sleeves tied with twine. Her dress was made especially for her because she has huge boobs and a big butt.
This girl's definitely got back!


Nick-A-Neesha carries one of her favorite chickens.


She also carries a wicker basket with brown and white eggs, fresh from the chicken shack. Hanging from the basket is a metal pail of 'water' and a metal pail of corn.

Nick-A-Neesha also wears pantaloons that have been heavily stained, and the legs are tied with twine. She has a stained white apron that has been tied in place with twine, as well. There are three pockets hand-sewn onto her for each of her three chil'ons.


Hanging from a piece of the apron twine is a red wooden apple....a toy for the chil'ons. The little white kid hangs from the other piece of twine. She wears a black dress. Nick-A-Neesha makes her wear it when she baby sits her.


And this brings us to the chil'on of Nick-A-Neesha. First we have Tameeka. She wears a blue and white Gingham Homespun dress and eats watermelon.


Next is Tyrone.....Nick-A-Neesha's son. He wears a red and white Gingham shirt and he also eats watermelon.


Then we have Velveeta, twin sister of Tyrone. She's talented and causes her mother no trouble. She sews patches on her mother's dress. You can see her little wicker sewing basket with a spool of red thread and a pin cushion with real pins. She also eats watermelon. All of the chil'on are afraid of the chicken. But that's okay.....later on, Nick-A-Neesha will kill the chicken and fry it up in the skillet.


Can you find it in your heart to give Nick-A-Neesha and her chil'ons a good home? I'm trying to get her out of here before LaShawn breaks his 'news' to the world. You have never seen hell like Nick-A-Neesha being set off.
Just wait'll she finds out that LaShawn not only has another girlfriend, but that he has more chil'ons.......with her best friend.....the white girl, who recently had a sex change, and is Nick-A-Neesha's long lost sister....and no one knows......yet!
For the love of God, help me........please take her home with you!


Copyright September 8, 2002 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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