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Primitive Nick-A-Penny Fambly!




The soap-opera of the Nick-A-Penny family continues......enter: Nick-A-Merica.
What a patriotic woman!
Summer has come and gone, but in the Nick-A-Merica household, there's always time for celebrating their love for this fine country. There's nothing like a family gathering in the back yard.
Food will be cooked, songs will be sung by the chil'ons, and prayers will be shouted.


Nick-A-Merica is a tall woman, too....she's about 28 inches tall, including her 'high hair' and big pink sponge curler.
She's been cooking all morning for this big gathering. The 'mens' is out in the backyard cooking on the grill, while the chil'ons played screaming games.

Finally the time has come to eat. Nick-A-Merica comes to the back door, slams it open and yells for the chil'ons to gather 'round for the prayers and singing.
This is a really big deal for Nick-A-Merica and has become a tradition for the family.


But first, she has to discipline Lamont....he's been getting on that last good nerve all day and she's about HAD IT with him.

"Nick-A-Lamont Cleatus!

Take dat stick outta dat dawg's mouff an git yo'self o'er he-ah! Ah've 'bout HAD it wiff you, boy!"


They gather together and stand in a circle. They place their hand over their hearts. The adults hum the song America The Beautiful, while the chil'ons sing the words least the way THEY understand it..... bless their little hearts


"O booty-full fo space an skies,
Fo ramblin' slaves of rain,
Fo purple mount-ins sand an see,
Above da fruit an planes!

Amer'ca! Amer'ca!
God fed His race on trees,
An crown dare good
Wiff brover-hood,
From sea ta shine-in sea!"


Soon, there isn't a dry eye in the yard. They were so touched by the chil'ons rendition of their favorite patriotic song.
Then the shoutin' begins.

"Nick-A-Lamont Cleatus!

Yous bettah bow dat head for da Lawd an for dis here country! Ah ain't a-messin' wiff you!"

Nick-A-Merica then says her prayers in a woeful voice....

"O, Lawd.......bless dis here fambly. Bless dis here food.
Mmm, mmm....yes, Lawdy....I say, AMEN, dear Lawd.......AMEN!"

And together, everyone says AMEN.


Nick-A-Merica is proud of her family. And she's proud of her country, too. She's wearing a tan Homespun dress with little flags peppered all over it. The sleeves are tied with twine and she has some hand-stitched cotton eyelet trim on her hem. She also wears stained pantaloons and a slip that hangs well past her dress. She also wears a heavily stained white cotton cut-work doily with a white Mother Of Pearl antique button sewn in the middle.


And she also wears a special pin that her chil'ons gave her for Mother's Day last year. It makes her chin quiver just thinking about it. It's a hand-painted wooden baby with black hair.


Her face and hands have been painted black and sanded for an aged look. And just look at all the braids in her hair. She's wearing a pink sponge curler so that the back of her hair will look nice. Her eyes are white miss-matched buttons, her nose is sculpted, and her mouth is a piece of a red potpourri flower.


Nick-A-Merica is carrying around a nice plump chicken. He'll be on the grill in a few hours. She had to tempt it with corn first, so she sprinkled some on her hand so he'd trust her.
Stupid chicken.


Nick-A-Merica has a very interesting apron, too. The apron is held in place by twine that she uses as a belt. And hanging from that twine belt is a red scooter for the chil'ons. It's been sanded for an aged look. She also has a few watermelon patches hand-sewn onto the apron, and there are a few hand-sewn pockets that hold her chil'ons.


Also, hanging from the other piece of twine is one of her chil'ons.....She's wearing a black dress and she's also a twin. She likes to sew and she has stitched her mama some nice patches and buttons on the bottom of her dress. You can see that she's been hard at work to surprise her mama.....and she is holding onto her beloved sewing basket.
She's also holding onto her hamburger and a little wooden red, white and blue painted star.


Inside of the wicker sewing basket is a pair of scissors, a spool of thread, some fabric scraps, and a pin cushion. I've added a few straight pins to the little pin cushion since these pictures were taken.
I nearly forgot them.


Then we have Nick-A-Lamont Cletus. He's been a bad boy all day long. He's wearing a red, white and blue shirt and he's eating watermelon. He's also carrying a wooden red, white, and blue heart, as well as his patriotic drum and small wooden sticks.
He's already had his tail busted several times over that drum of his.


Just up from Nick-A-Lamont Cletus we have his sister little Nick-A-Porch. She's wearing a green plaid Homespun dress and she's also eating watermelon. The white twins won't touch watermelon or chicken. They eat other things.

Anyway, Nick-A-Porch is carrying her wooden red, white, and blue star and a yellow metal bucket of ice and Co-Cola. She's so excited about the family gathering and this is her little contribution.


Next we have the other white twin. He's been a bad boy, too. It was his job to tend to the chickens and several of them are now lost. So, as punishment, Nick-A-Merica is making him wear the dreaded Corn Coat. This way, wherever he goes, the chickens will follow him and peck at his coat.
How else is he gonna learn?
He's wearing a plaid Homespun coat with corn all over it. He's eating a hot dog, and he's also been given some corn on the cob. He's carrying his patriotic contribution for the family gathering....a red, white, and blue tall hat.


And situated under him is a little yellow and blue hand-painted wooden sign that says U.S.A.


Nick-A-Merica is also carrying her basket of 'nappin' stuff'. It contains her quilt that was hand-quilted, and a pair of long johns that belong to Nick-A-Lamont Cletus. He takes them off every chance he gets.


Nick-A-Merica would LOVE to come to your home and bring her patriotic cheer, and her chil'ons. They could sing for you and pray.
I'll leave you with the chil'ons other patriotic song, as the adults hum in the background.....

"Oh! say can yo see, by da dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hell, at da twilight's last cleanin'?
Who bought stripes an bright stars, true the parents dey fight,
O'er da handcuffs we watch, were so giant an steaming?

An da rockets red glare, da bombs bursting in dare,
Gave proof through da night, dat our flag was still dare.
Oh! say does dat star-bangled banner yet wave
O'er da land of da free, an da home of da Braves?"


Bless their hearts.

Copyright September 27, 2002 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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