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Primitive Nick-A-Penny Fambly!


"Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis"


We left off with Nick-A-Penny, in the first story of this series. Nick-A-Penny deserted her husband, Nick-A-Buck Daddy. She packed up her four chil'ons and moved up to New Jersey, where she finds comfort in a good home.
Nick-A-Buck Daddy found new dwellings, as well, with three of the chil'ons. Nick-A-Mammy Church Lady found a new home to cook and preach in. And then, in part four of this series, we presented the teenager Nick-A-Neesha and her chil'ons.
Well, now we have Nick-A-Neesha's boyfriend Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis and his chil'ons.


The soap-opera of the Nick-A-Penny family continues......enter: Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis.
What a handsome lad!
He LOVES Elvis, as you can tell, and he dreams of being just like him one day. He even tries to wear his hair like Elvis.
Nick-A-Neesha just rolls her eyes at him and says, " so crazy."


Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis is a tall boy....about 27 inches tall, including his 'high hair' . His last name is actually Velvet, but he's such a fan of Elvis that he changed it to Velvis.......Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis.
He doesn't dress like Elvis, though.....he wears denim over-alls all the time, with a heavily stained shirt. The sleeves have been tied with twine. It's the closest to a 'jumpsuit' he'll ever get, bless his heart.

Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis a hard worker, when he's in the mood. His 'slight' drinking problem gets in the way sometimes, but for the most part, Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis enjoys his career as a brick-layer.


He also enjoys smoking his corn cob pipe that he keeps tucked into the loop at the top of his over-alls.


Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis' chewing tobacco is kept in a small pouch that is pinned to the upper portion of his over-alls.
He also loves big women with big hair. It's a major weakness for him....big women with big, high hair.

We last heard about Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis being on TV on the Jerry Springer Show with Nick-A-Neesha's best friend........that white girl from up the street.
Apparently, Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis and that girl were having an affair and she wanted to tell everyone in the world of her dark secret.....and that not only was she really Nick-A-Neesha's sister, but that she also had a sex change.

Well, come to find out, the 'sex change' part was a lie......but that white girl really is a sister of Nick-A-Neesha.
My, my.......what a strange little triangle we have here now.
Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis has had three chil'ons with that other girl.....Nick-A-Neesha is upset about it and might want to break up with him.

But Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis will do everything he can to keep her. Sometimes he'll try to make her laugh by imitating Elvis.
But first he gets himself liquored up by drinking triple X moonshine from the Terra Cotta jug he keeps tied to his twine belt. Then he'll take Elvis songs and make up his own words and sing them.
For example, he likes using the song Love Me Tender and singing like this, while looking into Nick-A-Neesha's eyes......


Nick-A-Neesha, you got 'back',
Brang it over here...
There ain't nuttin' in this whirl,
Bigger den yo rear.

Nick-A-Neesha, I loves you,
And yo nails and weave....
If I hide 'em, maybe den,
Yous won't never leave.


Hearing that would always make Nick-A-Neesha roll with laughter. She'd stomp around and slap Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis on the back and say, " so crazy."
And then he'd take that red and white Gingham checked hanky out of his pocket on the back of those heavily stained and patched over-alls and wipe the sweat from his brow. Then Nick-A-Neesha would clap her hands and Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis would do a 'soft shoe' dance.


Meanwhile, Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis has those three chil'ons to raise. He's trying his best to teach them what he knows about good living.
Lately, he's been taking them out to the garden to teach them the fine art of growing good watermelon.
The chil'ons are not impressed with watermelon.
They hate it.


Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis also has a chicken tucked up under his left arm. Later on he'll show the chil'on how to properly make fried chicken and Corn Pones. They hate chicken, too.
They're hot dog eaters.


Little Marvina has a tiny wicker basket with her knitting in it.....and she is carried in a pocket under the chicken. She's scared to death of it. But Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis gets a kick out of watching her duck the stabbing beak of that big chicken when it's mad.


Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis will look at little Marvina and give a big hearty laugh with his huge red potpourri flower mouth. His big white miss-matched button eyes will roll back in his head and his jet-black Elvis hair will move forward. Then he'll swing his head back, trying to jolt the hair back into place, but it never doesn't look cool on him because his hair is too stiff.


Little Affy is carried in a lower pocket. She's been given a slice of watermelon. She won't eat it. The minute Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis turns his head, she'll feed it to the pigs.


Little Moneefa is swinging from the twine belt of her daddy. She's holding a package of watermelon seeds. She hates 'gardening day' and watermelon.

All of the chil'on wear only Homespun clothing. Nothing but the best for the chil'on of Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis.


Today is a work day for Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis. He's got a wicker basket filled with old wood pieces and real red brick. They are small and easy for him to carry, and easy for the chil'ons to help him with. He does odd jobs and he repairs minor brick-work.


But before he heads out for the day, Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis is going to go into the other room and try to woo Nick-A-Neesha and see if she will take him back, and to accept that he now has the three chil'ons to raise. If she doesn't, then Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis will have to find another place to live.

He does really good Elvis impersonations.....sort of. He has his own 'spin' on it, let's put it that way. His favorite song of Elvis' to sing is In The just haven't lived till you've seen that.
So, if you can open your heart and your home to Nick-A-LaShawn Velvis, you'll always be entertained.



Copyright September 10, 2002 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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