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Primitive Nick-A-Penny Fambly!




The soap-opera of the Nick-A-Penny family continues......enter: Nick-A-Penny Fairy.
What an angry fairy she is!
Her job is to watch over the Nick-A-Penny family and make sure that their necessities are met. She makes sure that the cotton crop is a success, that the chickens grow big and plump and lay large eggs, that the watermelon patch is plentiful, that the hogs are slopped, and that the Grits sack is never empty.
She also makes sure that there is plenty of Corn Pone Mix and that all the chil'ons have plenty of toys to play with.
She's a very busy fairy.
If you think about it, have you ever seen a Nick-A-Penny family without great chickens, fluffy cotton, juicy watermelons, smooth Grits, plump Corn Pones, large eggs, fat hogs, and entertained and chore-laden chil'ons?


Nick-A-Penny Fairy is a tall fairy....she's about 28 inches tall, including her 'high hair'.
She usually has to listen in on prayers and arguments in order to find out what each Nick-A-Penny family needs. So, she hangs out in the shadows and listens closely....she also rolls her eyes and cusses under her breath, often.
Being a fairy to everyone else gets in the way of tending to her OWN chil'ons. But she keeps them busy by giving them 'fairy chores' to do. It helps her out and keeps the chil'ons in line.

One of the things that upsets Nick-A-Penny Fairy is that they ALWAYS get her name wrong......
"...It's Nick-A-Penny Fair-EE, fool!"

And just look at how she dresses....all in black except for her generous apron. That's how she stays hidden and in the shadows. She blends right into the darkness, except when she rolls her eyes.
You can believe that on some nights, as the chil'ons lay in their bed and talk to her, Nick-A-Penny Fairy will roll her eyes and it scares those chil'ons half to death.
All they see is big white eyes in the corner of their bedroom....and then they hear her getting upset...."TSK!.....mmm....mmm.....mmm.....Lawd hab mercy....mmm....mmm!"

As I have mentioned, Nick-A-Penny Fairy wears a long black dress with the sleeves tied with twine. She also wears black pantalooms, but you're not supposed to talk about those or try to see them.


Her face and hands have been painted black and sanded. Her long hair has been braided and a few braids have been held in place with a red and white rag. Her nose has been sculpted and she has white miss-matched button eyes and a huge piece of red potpourri flower for a mouth.
And if you think those chil'ons are scared of her eyes, you should see them when she hears something cute and she smiles.........OMG!!!'s like someone put a piano in the corner of their bedroom.


And just look at those earrings. You can always tell when she's in the room because you hear those earrings tinkling.


She has a burlap bag with real cotton slung over her right shoulder. This is how she keeps the cotton fields looking so nice. She always carries examples of how things SHOULD look.


Nick-A-Penny Fairy also carries a big white chicken on her left arm. She wants all of the chickens to look like her favorite hen. She keeps it well fed with kernels of corn that stays on her sleeve.


Also, on her left arm, hangs a wooden bucket of things that keeps the kitchen running smoothly. There's a sack of Corn Pone Mix and a wooden container of wooden utensils. There's also a wooden rolling pin, used for popping husbands in the head, and an egg beater. A tiny wooden bowl holds some beans and there's even a cookbook, just in case someone doesn't know how to cook.


Then we have Nick-A-Penny Fairy's tea-stained apron. She chose a white apron instead of black because she kept losing the chil'ons.


She has a nice sack of Grits hanging from a piece of twine from her apron. And on the twine, she has some tiny wooden clothespins. She clips them onto the ears of the chil'ons when they misbehave themselves.


In her upper pocket is her oldest daughter SueNeeka. She wears a green plaid Homespun dress and she helps Nick-A-Penny Fairy with the watermelon patch. She holds a pack of the best watermelon seeds in the land.


On the lower pocket is the white kid.
She'd rather not discuss that situation.
But the child isn't a fan of watermelon, so she eats hot dogs. She also helps with gathering the eggs from the chicken shack and she carries a small basket filled with eggs. She wears a blue and tan Homespun dress.


Then we have Nick-A-Penny Fairy's son Horace.
She calls him Pig-Boy Horace because it's his job to slop the hogs.


Horace loves hogs and carries a small wooden pig on string. He also wears a small hat and eats watermelon.


And hanging from the arm of Horace is a tiny blue bucket of slop, for the hogs. He wears a plaid Homespun shirt.



A black doll toy is attached to the apron, as well as a chicken button.


And hanging from Nick-A-Penny Fairy's right hand are two toys.....a small bunny and a small bear. They are rewards for good chil'ons........
Nick-A-Penny Fairy does not tolerate undisciplined chil'ons real well.
When she sees bad chil'ons, it's usually a night spent with eye-rolling and bed-wetting.
She has no clue how terrified those chil'ons are of her....or how white her eyes are in the darkness.


And if you'll look behind her, you'll see that Nick-A-Penny Fairy has black fairy wings........this is how she gets to so many places so quickly.

Now that Nick-A-Penny Fairy has things under control here, it's time she flew into another home and got it whipped into shaped. If you appreciate great chickens, fluffy cotton, juicy watermelons, smooth Grits, plump Corn Pones, large eggs, fat hogs, and entertained and chore-laden chil'ons, then Nick-A-Penny Fairy would be perfect for your home.



Copyright September 22, 2002 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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