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Primitive Nick-A-Penny Fambly!




We left off with Nick-A-Penny, in the first story of this series......she deserted her husband, Nick-A-Buck Daddy. She packed up her four chil'ons and moved up to New Jersey, where she finds comfort in a good home.

However, she left behind her husband and three more of their children.

Nick-A-Buck Daddy is a good man, but he's also considered the town 'ne'er do well'. He means well, but becomes easily distracted on the job. However, he's a good daddy and takes his chil'ons everywhere he goes. That may not always be a good thing.

Of course, this is not always in the best interest of the children, who are quickly picking up the bad habits of Nick-A-Buck Daddy.


You see, Nick-A-Buck Daddy is involved in late night cock fighting.....and at the moment, he has the most coveted chicken in the town. It's a vicious chicken and Nick-A-Buck Daddy's son Little Buck, the one with the basket of Wheat, is terrified of it.



But Nick-A-Buck Daddy figures that he must face his fears, so he carries the vicious chicken very close to that child. And Little Buck just holds his wicker Wheat basket and trembles.


Nick-A-Buck Daddy has other bad habits that he exposes the chil'ons to......he smokes a pipe, for one thing.......and he keeps his smelly corn-cob pipe tucked down in his twine belt, right in front of himself. He keeps his pouch of 'chew' pinned to the top of his over-alls.


He also chews tobacco and carries around a small real brass spittoon on a piece of twine. He found this spittoon down in Texas at 'Sweetannie Antiques'. She got tired of seeing him spit all over the floor. Nick-A-Buck Daddy was shopping for his usual supply of corn cob pipes and other things.
I suspect he makes his chil'ons clean the spittoon for him, but so far I have no proof of that.

As you can see, Nick-A-Buck Daddy picks cotton. He carries his day's work of cotton-picking tied around his neck with twine and tucked under his arm. It's a heavily tea-stained Burlap cotton bag and it has real cotton in it, too.


Nick-A-Buck Daddy gets his chil'on to help out with the chores on the farm. Little Buck gathers Wheat in his basket. His other son, Leroy, picks vegetables and fruit. He's holding a small slice of Watermelon in his hand. Nick-A-Buck Daddy has a real problem with Leroy eating the things he picks.


Later on tonight, Leroy will complain of a tummy ache and Nick-A-Buck Daddy will give him a sip of his moonshine that he carries around in a Terra Cotta jug, hanging from his twine belt.
He's such a bad influence.


And little Vaneesha, the little imp that she is, hangs from her daddy's twine belt, proudly carrying her little wicker basket full of eggs from the hen house. She loves her job of gathering the eggs every day.
But she's a bit clumsy.....she started with 11 eggs this morning, but has no clue that tilting the basket will result in spilling the eggs......and if Nick-A-Buck Daddy wasn't so liquored up, he'd notice and try to teach her to do better.

I have long suspected that by keeping the three chil'ons with him, Nick-A-Buck Daddy can get them to do his chores, while he enjoys his vices. But he does provide for them and most of their needs.......he keeps them dressed in Homespun fabrics, knowing that it's the best!


Nick-A-Buck Daddy is a tall man, a full 27 inches tall, including his 'high hair' of black doll hair. He's been painted black and sanded down for an 'aged' look. He has miss-matched button eyes. One of the eyes was injured in a goat accident, but don't mention it to him, he's sensitive about it.


Nick-A-Buck Daddy has a sculpted nose and generous red potpouri flower lips. He's wearing a heavily tea-stained white cotton shirt and real denim over-alls that have also been heavily stained and patched. In his back pocket he has a red and white Gingham hanky.

I suppose that the best thing that can happen right now is for Nick-A-Buck Daddy and his chil'ons to go to a good home. The longer he's here, the more his 'young ones' are exposed to doing all his chores, and being around all of Nick-A-Buck Daddy's vices.


It's really sad that the Nick-A-Penny family needs to separate, but it's the best thing. Please provide Nick-A-Buck Daddy a good place to live with the chil'ons. I won't tell him of any possible bids, in case he has a gambling problem I don't know about.


Copyright August 11, 2002 Cathy Palmer-Scruggs / Catt Alexander


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