The Catt Box

Pretty Shiny Needle!


This is definitely something that both cats really's the game of Pretty Shiny Needle and Stick 'n Lick.

It never fails...every day, when I am hand-stitching something that has to do with my dolls, both cats wait patiently beside me. They stare intently at the Pretty Shiny Needle.
See the Pretty Shiny Needle.
See the boys desiring the Pretty Shiny Needle.
See two very odd cats.

But the game never grows old for them. They chase the thread and pester me to the point of having to stop what I'm doing and indulge them.

The way this game is played is simple. I merely have to either dangle the needle, as pictured above, or hold it out in front of them, they do the rest.


As soon as I dangle the thread / needle, the games begin. They will both go after the needle part. They'll chase the thread, but it's the needle they want. And you should see the size of the needles I use.

I don't let them hurt themselves, which is why the game is played every day......they keep coming back for more because they know not of the bite of the needle's point.
Of course, I keep them out of the cat's reach when I'm finished sewing for the day.
They are known to come in and pull my straight pins from my pin cushion and have them all over the place. They don't play with the pins, they just enjoy pulling them out of the pin cushion and dropping them on the floor.
Well, one day I did find a straight pin in the water dish. 

Simon is the only one that puts things in the water dish.

Then comes the second phase of the game........Stick 'n Lick.
Whenever Cecil or Simon sticks themselves with the needle in their feet, from all the slapping they do, they immediately lick their feet.........thus the name Stick 'n Lick.
They keep me in hysterics over this. And I'm the one who has to quit first, they never do. They'll play as long as I will.


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