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Primitive Goth Black Magic Witch Cat Doll!





The Witch decided it was time to get a new cat....a familiar to aid her in her work....a nice companion to keep her company.
She didn't count on the cat from Hell......Necromancer.

She had gone to the local SPCF....the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Familiars.
There he was, pawing at the window and pleading with his eyes for her to choose HIM.
So she did.

Of course, with the exception of his personality, Necromancer seemed like any other cat in the window. He was young, sleek, lithe, and black. He was about 14 inches tall and 16 inches long, not including his tail, which could stay parked along his back, or eased down to jut straight out from his body.
And when his tail is down, he measures about 27 inches long.

And with Necromancer's tail stretching up across his back, the Witch could see that he was still 'intact'.
Just what she needed.
Another cat to spray the house.
But then, she knew it wouldn't take a 'magic spell' in order to 'correct' the problem.
She chuckled to herself as she thought it.

The Witch noticed that Necromancer came with his own collar. He wore a beautiful black nylon kitty collar that was adorned with stars and moons. It was perfect.
He also had a metal and black enamel pendant that simply said 'Kittie'. It was very ornate and very Gothic. He even had a small black jingle bell hanging from the collar.

And what a handsome cat Necromancer was. She named him Necromancer because she always liked the name. Even though he was going to be her 'familiar', she knew he wouldn't possess the powers to communicate with dead spirits, but it was still a cool name, nevertheless.

Necromancer had a very ominous presence about him. His ears were tall and able to hear the wind as it blew across a grave. His menacing yellow eyes could look straight through a person. And he stood like he was ready to pounce upon anything that moved.

He had such a mean look upon his face. The Witch figured it would come in handy if strangers tried to take him for their own.

And unlike with other ordinary cats, the Witch didn't want Necromancer to rub up against her. He had wire whiskers that was sure to scrape her skin on contact.
He also had huge 'puppy feet' that were very loud. He was so heavy-footed that the Witch could hear him stomping through the house, even on the carpet.

Necromancer's slender body would make it possible for him to slip into small areas and do the Witch's bidding. He was agile enough to ride upon the back of the Witch's broom with ease. He was black enough to hide in the shadows and blend with the darkness.
Yes, the Witch had big plans for Necromancer.

Of course, you know the old saying...if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
Necromancer turned out to be quite obstinate and useless to the Witch. He had a mind of his own and refused to do her bidding. He would stand across the room and stare at her, making her very uncomfortable.
Things got so bad that she had to put a spell on him and turn him into a fabric cat made of black flannel. He is 'frozen' in one position, rendering him harmless, and now he needs to go to another home.
Bad memories prevent the Witch from keeping him for herself.

And if you should decide to display him in your own home, he'd look great on the floor. You'd be surprised how real he looks when you catch sight of him from the corner of your eye.
I made two of these cats, but I've pretty much decided to keep the other one for myself. This is very rare for me to do, but I fell in love with these cats.
My signed and dated label is hand-stitched on the sole of his back left foot.

Copyright February 29, 2004 Cathy Palmer- Scruggs / Catt Alexander


A super special thanks to eBay seller imosh for the "Kittie" pendant.


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