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My Boy Cecil!

Bad News...

I have some sad news to share. On February 14, 2009 I had to have my favorite cat Cecil put to sleep. This is so devastating to me and my boyfriend Tom. Cecil was the BEST cat I ever had. And he was with me every day and night for 11 years. And when you spend THAT much time with a pet, you get very close.

I will always miss Cecil...he was THE best cat I ever had.


Today I'm going to tell you a little more about Cecil.


My ex-husband and I got this crazy cat on July 22, 1998. He was eight weeks old. We noticed , right away, that he had a huge muzzle. He never grew into it. Cecil is the most animated cat we've ever had. He keeps our lives very interesting.

Cecil eats things that most cats do not eat...cashew nuts, soap, bananas, pickled eggs, pickled beets, lettuce, caramel candy, cotton candy, cottage cheese and pineapples, bees, pistachio nuts, raw potatoes, all spiders and bugs, marshmallow peeps, onions, green peppers, Chinese food (mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, etc.), hair from the bathtub drain, hot-gun glue, straw brooms, dried flowers, (we can't have anything) Listerine, toothpaste, black olives, Pop Rocks candy (you wouldn't believe the enthusiasm), dryer sheets, corn on the cob...(drags them all over the house), grits, cucumbers, celery (cooked and raw) and just about anything we eat...he's a trash cat. And I'm not talking about tasting and trying food, no...I'm talking about a steady in-take of this stuff, too many to even list on this page.

And something else about this beloved cat of mine....we had to install a screen door to my bedroom. We had to. I would never get any sleep if I didn't.
I have all hard wood floors, I don't like carpet...and Cecil used to take things, like pine cones and whatever else he found, and put them in the bedroom under the bed to bat them around.
Do you have any idea what that sounds like at 2:00 in the morning?

Cecil also chooses the middle of the night to hang upside down from the mattress and pull his body along the length of it...sticking his claws in and out of the fabric.....and it's loud. He also chooses this time to explore my dressers and other furniture...tinkling the bottles and knocking the candles off everywhere.
And it's not enough to yell at him to get down...oh, no...he will make you get up out of the bed and get within inches of him before leaping away, trilling and running.
Why isn't he back there in the bedroom now? He could be exploring and finding out what in all I have in there...but no, it's more fun at night. So, we have to keep a screen door up.
We heat our home with a woodstove in the winter and I have to be able to get the heat back to the that's why the screen door was the only reasonable allows the heat to get past the door, yet it keeps Cecil out.

I also have a big doll house in my bedroom. Cecil used to wait until the dead of night and then jump up on top of the roof of the doll house. I'd lay there and cringe as I heard all the tiny things being knocked over. The next day, I'd have to reach in and put everything back in place.
I grew real tired of doing that.
Also, Cecil would attempt to climb up and eat all my dried flower arrangements.

There are things that had to change in our house, since we've had Cecil. For one thing, we can never have the toilet paper where he can reach it. So, we haven't had toilet paper on the dispenser since we've had Cecil. He shreds it and gouges it with his teeth and there's just bits of it everywhere.

We have to keep paper towels out of his sight, as well, for the same reason.

Cecil totally loves people. If we get company, he's right in there with us the entire time.

Cecil is a good 'mouser', too. He goes down into the basement through his pet door and sometimes he finds a mouse. The trouble is, he wants to bring them upstairs to play with. He doesn't want to play with them in the basement. However, if he does this at night and I don't realize he's caught a mouse, it's usually batted under some furniture somewhere and I won't know about it until the mouse begins to decompose itself.
Thanks, Cecil.

And such is life with Cecil. But I love him to death!

With my next Catt Nips story, I want to go over some vocabulary words with you. We have our own little language and descriptions of things in this house

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