'The Secret Story'

Gifts I've Received


I received these wonderful gifts from remarkable women. I treasure each and every one of these. Please visit their sites.....you will enjoy your stay.




This was my 'Survivor's Gift' from Donna...and it's for all women who have survived, and are still surviving, domestic abuse of all kinds. 

Thank you so much, Donna!

November 1999




This is my 'Survivor's Gift' from Lady J. 

Thank you so much!

January 14, 2000




 This stunning gift came from Whisper!

Thank you so very much!

June 13, 2000




Thank you so very much, Lady J....

I am truly touched!

July 2, 2000



Thank you so very much for this surprise!

July 31, 2000



From the wonderful "mrsentry"....thank you so much Sandi...

November 21, 2000


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